Here is an outline of the finances.

Jeremiah and I work money Jobs with flexible hours and by the grace of God have the ability to live on less income than most.

Most of our time, money and effort is spend, writing, counseling and assisting other ministries. It is glorious and tiring at the same time. We travel when we have to opportunity to bond with like minded people and share awareness. Sometimes we travel to assist those in need.

This does not seem like a life of adventure, beauty and pleasure, but it is. It often seems like we don’t have enough money but the Lord always meets our needs in perfect timing.

The book is free in an eBook format. Get it and share it on the book page. This makes a big difference.

However, Many will need a hard back copy. I do not have a printing press and have to pay for these copies. So we are open to donations so that we can print copies for those who cannot afford to buy it. We could use help with travel expenses, as well.

Click HERE to donate via paypal.

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