Pastor Worship by Jeremiah Kranig

There is a disturbing trend that is increasing in the Church lately. No, it is not the music or the pew warmers that show up out of guilt and obligation. It’s called pastor worship.
Many people are taking their pastors’ word as gospel. Honestly, Isn’t that what they’re supposed to teach though? So many have gone away from the Bible to fill seats or gain attention on social media.
They have emotional filled sermons that make the congregation feel all warm, fuzzy, and comfortable. They will remain neutral on hot-button issues in fear of losing followers even when it goes against the Word of God. Very few practice expository teaching, and when they do they put their legalistic twist on it.

2 Timothy 4: 3-4 states
(3) “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
(4) They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

Now we are all guilty of having itchy ears at one time or another. We all want to be edified and complimented. More importantly than that though, is we should be seeking the truth.
When the Bible said that the path is wide and the gate is narrow, its stating that to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven you have to know the Truth, not man’s interpretation.
Unfortunately, that is not easy. The enemy is so embedded in the Church that it is impossible to know who to trust. Every denomination is corrupt one way or another.
You have false teachers preaching legalism. You have false teachers preaching hyper-grace, once saved always saved. You have the “name it and claim it” do as thou will group. One thing these groups have in common though is pastor worship. They either put them as an idol or as barriers between them and God.

Here are some warning signs:

1.When key members in the group emphasize what the pastor says over what the Word of God says.

2.There are no bylaws in place to hold the pastor accountable.

3.When the pastor enters a celebrity mindset and cares more about their reputation than doing Kingdom work.

No church is perfect. No pastor is perfect. Just make sure that whomever you follow is teaching a true gospel. Not some interpretation that sounds favorable or from them saying they can hear God better than anyone else so they have all the knowledge.

“But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had first. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.”

Rev 2: 4-5


Biblical Rest by Vicky Joy Anderson of Real Dark News

The very first mention of REST is found in Genesis 2:2-3: “And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.”

How interesting that the first instance of rest came before the fall and was utilized by God, not man! This means that rest (in God’s eyes) doesn’t have anything to do with humanity, sin, weakness, frailty, sickness, health, or productivity. Rather, it is an act of worship and obedience. Sure, failing to rest has all sorts of mental, emotional, relational, and physical repercussions to our mind, heart, spirit, and body; but it is our lack of knowledge and not just our lack of rest!) that trips us up and gives the enemy about 1000 feet of rope by which to hang us. 

God is a God of precision. He is articulate. Meticulous. Anyone coming out of the occult knows the importance of ritual. Occultists don’t have the option of putting their own spin on any given ritual. The objects, the order of the ceremony, the colors, the number of candles—you don’t mess with the formula. Every single detail must be just right or there is no power. An occultist wouldn’t dream of going off script and changing centuries-old ritualistic traditions; and yet, Christians do this all the time, but somehow still expect to receive power. 

For those of you who get squeamish with the Old Testament, believing it was abolished by the death of Christ, done away with under some new, revised covenant, or something that is only applicable to the Jews; I will go to the New Testament for my proof text. 

Hebrews 4:1, 4, Therefore, since the promise of entering His rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. For somewhere He has spoken about the seventh day in these words: ‘On the seventh day God rested from all His works.’”

Would a Pagan decide one year that they’d rather celebrate Samhain in July, or that they’d move Beltane to December? And yet, millions of Christians acknowledge the first day of the week as their day of rest instead of the seventh?! And furthermore, between going to church, eating out afterwards, sporting events, demanding jobs, household chores, homework, yard work, and errands—does genuine soul rest or intimacy with our Savior even occur for most believers on Sunday? Sure, taking a day off of work, going to church, and taking a nap on Sundays probably does provide a little bit of a reset from the weekly routine—but it misses the entire point of “remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy” (especially if we aren’t even “remembering” the right day of the week!) 

This isn’t about legalism, Judaism, or salvation. It is about intimacy with the Savior and increased discernment and power in spiritual warfare. The prophet Isaiah, speaking to idolatrous Judah, pinpointed their indifference to the Sabbath as the lynchpin upon which they would (or would fail to) receive blessing.

“If you turn back your foot from the Sabbath,
    from doing your pleasure on my holy day,
and call the Sabbath a delight
    and the holy day of the Lord honorable;
if you honor it, not going your own ways,
    or seeking your own pleasure, or talking idly;
then you shall take delight in the Lord,
    and I will make you ride on the heights of the earth;
I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father,
    for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”

Yahweh is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This Friday at sundown, the King of all Kings will be feasting and resting. He is offering YOU a seat at that banquet table. An opportunity to sit in His presence, and like John, lean upon the breast of Messiah, and be engulfed in waves of unfathomable love, mercy, and peace. A 24-hour sanctuary from the storms of life.

You don’t have to be Jewish, and you don’t have to worry about the details (your job, your spouse, your Church). I’m just asking you to give it a shot. Give God one 24-hour window to show you the peaceful power of His presence. 

Vicki Joy Anderson


Manhood Vs. The Media

Why is it when survivors and supporters of survivors of SRA talk about their experiences or different groups that are involved in SRA are labeled as crazy or a conspiracy theorist? There is so much happening in our faces in everyday life that are byproducts of ritual abuse that are being shoved down our throats and made to be accepted as “normal”. We have already scratched the surface with how mind control programming is done through ALL forms of media. The elite manipulate our emotions, thoughts, and actions by what they want us to see and hear. There is an attack on men in the United States especially. Television present men as incompetent fools who stumble through life only to be bailed out by their mother figure of a wife. Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way trying to degrade women, but statistically a household is stronger and healthier with a man as the head of the house. When a father is not involved in a child’s life, that child has a higher risk of dropping out of school, drug abuse, sexual activity and much worse. It takes BOTH parents with a sound mind to raise a healthy child. 

I came from a family where my dad was never around. I am the oldest of four boys, and there is a four year gap between my next brother and I. My three younger brothers are all one year apart. That being said I was left to my own devices because my mom had her hands full with the younger three. That meant I had a lot of time to get into and do things I shouldn’t have been doing. I started smoking at 11, discovered porn at 12, and doing drugs at 13. Getting high and sleeping around was normal for me. I didn’t have the father figure to guide me through those confusing times. Media, even back then was layered with sexual innuendo and normalized drug use. I was repeating the behaviors that I have either seen on television or movies or sung about in songs. I had no filter and no shame. 

Point is we are ALL programmed to a certain extent. Manipulation is as old of a human trait as sex. Every form of artistic expression is designed to manipulate ones emotions. Not all is bad though. Some can help get someone out of a depressive funk, but unfortunately, like anything else, evil seeps in to what is supposed to be good and ruins it.

So in closing, pray over what you watch or listen to. Focus on how whatever it is makes you feel. If your feeling heavily oppressed take a media fast. Ditch the electronic devices and get outside and enjoy God’s creation. I guarantee you will feel lighter even after a few days.


Independent Thought and Salvation

If the enemy could flip a switch and kill all independent thought it would eliminate salvation.

Stick with me!

I know that we are to obey. I obey as a result of being loved in a way that is beyond human understanding.

But we have to independently choose to serve Jesus. This commitment has to be genuine and complete. Salvation requires a person to think it through on their own. One can not do this in a compliance to a cultural or family norms.

This is a massive factor in SRA tactics and television programming. But it has also taken a hold on the general public.

This is something I learned during healing from SRA.

SRA is systematic and brutal and distorting.

It is not just a bunch of pedophiles satisfying their sickness. The enemy created pedophilia as a tool to distort mankind while in our most vulnerable states.

It instills fear into the subject that has to blocked out. So we end up fragmenting which leaves parts of ourselves to sit in terror until we heal.

They dominated us until we stopped thinking and just reacted to the next session of horror. Most become instantly compliant with anything. No matter how insane it is.

Occult members, child abusers or not are those who have succumbed to fear and will pay any price to shield themselves from any perceived danger. They lost their ability to think on their own in early childhood. This is normal to them as their parents were debilitated in the same way. The kids have no way of knowing that this was not the way life is supposed to be.

They just comply to their superiors with out thought.

Fear has a way of dominating a person. And domination is the game and since occult members have lost their ability to think independently they don’t see the end result.

The enemy has twisted many with the use of SRA tactics. But, it does not stop there. The general public is now saturated with fear to the point that they are being zombified.

It is a twisted web of delusions that effects everyone.

For many years, the same ideas that I observed during the abuse flashed before my eyes via the television. Fiction and “non fiction”.

It is not hard to turn off the television. However we now live in a world where the majority of people are occult programmed.

Its no surprise for a true believer in Jesus to see this. We know that the world as we know it has to end. And that it will happen in perfect timing and level of aggression. What God does is perfect.

Hold onto your ability to think independently because without it we are not saved from the wrath of God.

It might seem that mankind has been pushed into a corner. But, No! We are being pushed to accept that Jesus is the only way and Now is the time!


How to: Use SRA Triggers

Most people are stumped by these. There are videos online of people behaving in bizarre ways after hearing triggering words. But it is not the complicated. I flipped my triggers and use them to my benefit.

Everyone has triggers. They are just something that reminds you of another thing. They can and do incite a change in behavior.

During SRA, mind control programming a child is programmed with triggers with the use of hypnosis.

God was teaching me about this well before I realized it. He deprogrammed one of my triggers more than twenty years before I accepted that I had been abused in rituals.

In my mid twenties there was this celebrity that I did not like. I thought that she was ugly. Stick with me.

One day, while cleaning I discovered that I had a magazine with her on the front page. As I walked to the garbage can God had a little talk with me. I held the magazine and looked at her. I felt a gush of anger and disgust. I wanted to yell at her. I felt like she had stolen from me. This was intense and personal. Then, when I moved the magazine out of my sight these feelings just disappeared.

I had never thought of her unless I saw her image anyway. It was unnatural.

God was stern and laid some weight on me. He said that he was tired of me hating her. That she did not deserve that. And that I was only entertaining something that had been put into me.

Once I recognized this trigger it lost its effect on me. He continued to use this and taught me to think about why I felt, what I felt.

During my time of deprogramming that took place in my forties I revisited this event and saw it clearly. They had programmed me to behave in a hateful and personal way to someone who lived on the other side of the earth and I had no contact or dealings with.

When I have a sudden gush of emotions I stop and look at its origin. This laid a foundation that I needed later to dig deep and fully deprogram. God is brilliant!

I have discovered other triggers. One is a pet name. It was always spoken in a specific tone. When I would hear it I felt the need to fight for my life as if I was scratching my way out of a grave. As of now it just makes me laugh. The fact that this word has no hold on reminds me that who he sets free is free indeed.

Many SRA triggers are geared toward blocking a persons salvation. Often the name Jesus, words sin and blood incite fear and people push back as a result.

While a person is still suffering these triggers cause great harm. However, after deprogramming I began to realize that if I was programmed to behave a certain way maybe the opposite behavior was the best course of action.

Today, I keep a regular check on my emotions. Sudden unexplained changes in emotional reactions show me that there may be programming that needs attention. So I react in the opposite manner. Sudden changes in emotion can also be the result of spells being cast. But, if this happens more than once it is usually installed programming.

Freedom is fun and I have learned to enjoy the fact that I can reverse the damage.

God has been so good to me and I know that without him I was nothing but a tool for the enemy.


Where is the Refuge?

This is the big question. I hear it all the time. We do pray for a physical place of refuge. A prayer retreat of sorts. A place for survivors to just sit still and be with God.

That is just a small part of refuge. Even if a person has the perfect setting, it is an eternal process that requires complete surrender to God.

It took me many years to even accept the fact that I was ritually abused. It took me more time to just relax in his arms. But once I did he deprogrammed me and set me aside, and has blocked many attacks.

We were programmed to fear. Refuge from this is in the deprogramming process that I finally let God teach me. Trust is always complicated and governed by our preconceived notions. It took me way to long to surrender and do things his way. I pray that others find their way to refuge sooner than I did.

When I explain to others how I found refuge they most often push back. It seems like an impossibility for us, particularly SRA survivors to let go and let God. But, it does happen. And when it does God heals the parts of us that hold our pain.

Healing our parts, releases the fear and domination that controlled us. This change is biblical repentance and blocks demonic attack. Those who control you loose grip and after I while realize that any harm done to you just brings you closer to God.

God does not have any competition. All those people and things that hurt you do not have any ability to even compete with his power.

In the beginning of my healing, I asked God to just heal me. I had the faith to know that he had the power to do that. He could have just erased it all, as if it never even happened. I did not get what I wanted. What happened was profoundly better. He put me in a bubble and showed me what happened and why. He gave me all access to information. All in a way and pace that was best for me.

The enemy gets a lick in now and then. But I have been given a refuge that transformed me from an occult victim to a saint in training.

His way worked.


Demonic or Not

Ignorance has solidified anger and division between many of those who intend on helping SRA survivors and the survivors. It can, and does, push suffering people away from salvation.

So, lets clarify a few things.

Most often activity that seems demonic is not.

Here is a hypothetical description that simplifies what happens in these situations.

If a person who was raped at ten years old has not healed, they will show signs of the damage. In this scenario it would be fair to say that this, “a part, “of this person is still being raped.

It is just a part of this person, so that they can tuck the pain away and function reasonably throughout the day.

So, if part of a person can be tucked away to hold the suffering, what happens when they begin to heal? This part surfaces and when they do, they begin to experience these events physically.

It is that simple, until the enemy makes use of this process.

These things happen due to trauma, however, SRA takes it to extreme.

SRA is a strategic series of traumatic events that are intended to mind control a child. It is designed to be unbelievable and it often done by people who are viewed as productive law abiding citizens.

Devils are tricky and they hide very well.

So, when an SRA survivor begins to approach Jesus they begin to heal and the programming becomes unstable. This is when strange things start happening.

For instance, a person who had been repeatedly buried alive with snakes and spiders then they will experience these sensations as the suffering comes out of the place that it was tucked away.

There is demonic oppression during this process. But demons aren’t really all that. In the end it is always about overcoming the flesh.

Keep in mind that, all the devil has is flimsy versions of something God created.

We were created in parts. God has three. We have a part for work and a part for home. The problem stated when we left the garden of Eden. Now that we are faced with traumatic events, we once again distort something that was created for good.

Our enemy has known this, probably for as long as man has been on this earth. And he uses it fully.

During SRA ( mind control programming) They systematically cause a child to tuck away the pain in a way that they cannot remember. It is all just to horrible for anyone to handle.

They create parts that they can train and access. We call these a, “witch parts” (or programmed multiples). They are wicked and keep the person in a state of sin. This is one of the reasons why biblical deliverance process does not seem to work. The process is still valid, it just requires more compassion and a ton of patience.

Effective deliverance from this requires the individual to submit fully which is more difficult, because of the programming. They just need us to listen and encourage them.

These parts are attached to a demon, but they are still just a part of a person and can come to the Lord.

It is important to understand that all of these parts are suffering in a way that is extreme. They take the suffering so that the core person can function. Those of us who show signs of SRA damage are showing the signs of healing. Most who have been abused this was are still being controlled by the occult because our witch parts and they blend into society.

We can handle this, but we must know that when a demons don’t leave there may be SRA programming involved weather a survivor knows it or not. If this is the case, than you have the chance to fight the devil on a level that you never imagined.


Open Letter to Deliverance Ministers

Brothers and Sisters,

First, a prayer and a short statement for survivors who read this.

Glorious Father, Thank you for the ability to communicate freely with the body of Christ. I ask that you touch everyone who reads it, Block all demonic influence and retaliation. Please scramble this for all who intend harm. Please help me do exactly what you want me to. May every word serve you! I Love You!

I want to issue a trigger warning to the survivors who read this.

Here we go.

I am a survivor of ritual abuse. God healed me and then commanded me to “Heal and Share Your Healing.” He provided a Godly husband that he trained for this ministry well before I met him. Yet, our Father must think a lot of us as this challenge is massive.

This problem is as old as dirt and well hidden. In the early 1980’s a book was published and in a three year period more than 300k police reports were filed reporting similar series of crimes. The occult suppressed this out pour but now we are seeing more and more survivors stepping forward for deliverance in increasing numbers. PRAISE GOD!

SRA survivors going from deliverance minister to deliverance minister is not by accident. The Occult knows all about the biblical deliverance process. While the process is valid without compassion and an attempt at empathy it only causes harm. I have never seen this process work for an SRA survivor. The result is always devastating to their faith and self worth. It often pushes them away from Jesus.

Here is some wisdom that is needed:

SRA is mind control programming designed to train occult members. Even if their role within the occult is just to suffer. It is a series of age old strategies that now incorporate science and technology along with old fashioned hypnosis and drugs. The programming is installed in early childhood and then nurtured throughout their lives. It does not stop until they reconcile all their suppressed memories and repent from their submission to those who forced them into submission via torture during the formative years.

Without God, all they do is respond to occult programming. Don t Judge unless you, yourself experienced things like being buried alive over and over again each time being brought to the point of death. When this and similar other strategies are used during early childhood they become unconsciously compliant with any occult efforts. They do this without even realizing it. Hypnosis is a tool that allows them to implant reactions to the efforts of ministers. It is common for this children to be brutalized by a FAKE Jesus. In adulthood, the child in them is never forgets this.

Deliverance requires repentance from sin that they are not aware of and they often find it easier to just do drugs and have sex to suppress all the pain that they don’t even understand. Every time they sin it opens doors to an overwhelming flow of demonic and human attacks. They have seen too much and are suppressed. They get set up for failure over and over. The occult has a representative in every business government agency and yes, church.

We have to show them that the power of God is unimaginable and all that is against them is a cheap raggedy version of of what is against them.

So, if one of these people make it to a deliverance minister they have fought armies to get to you. Never forget that no one comes to the father without him calling them. It takes a lot of faith for them to step forward, only to be told they do not have enough faith to cease the onslaught of demonic attack that comes with even considering Jesus.

We fight a war that is already Won, PRAISE GOD.

Until we get home lets build a unified force that gushes Love!

Robyn Kranig


Where is the Body ?

We say that, The Church is the body of Christ on this earth. And we are right. But where are we?

Most of the true believers that I know have chosen to just have church (services) at home. This practice is immensely healthy. We still need to bond with each other and often find it impossible to do so in a congregation. This is getting worse.

We have become only a remnant.

There is a lot going on within “The Churches” that a beleiver can not be associated with. Good places do exist but they are not the norm.

Often, we get the blame for everything other believers do regardless of any connections. I have been confronted by a few non believers about the actions of “My Pope” and I have never been catholic.

That way of thinking is not the problem. It is that we are so divided and only exist here and there. The remnant that remains is small and spread throughout the earth. Just as prophesied.

Being a follower of Jesus means discipleship. Carrying a cross is a glorious way of life. But it is not easy. Many believe that their preacher gets paid to do this so they just leave it all to them.

The absence of discipleship is devastating. We are supposed to operate as a unit and our failure to do this is pivotal. Non believers use this as a reason to remain dammed.

We are not without hope. Still, there is only one that we can cling to his name is Jesus. But he can lead us to the others. I have seen this. Non believers still blame me for the offenses of those who call themselves followers of Christ. But I have found the fellowship via divine connections.

Non believers are often in that state of mind because that are only reacting to abuses done by people claiming to represent Christ. Some of these abusers are straight up fakes. Some are just terribly flawed.

When talking about The Church, I sometimes joke and say that, “The three of us work very hard.” We are a larger group than that. But no where near the size that many believe.

The Church chooses independently to follow the teachings of Christ. No matter what anyone else does they follow him. They do not follow church leaders, they follow Christ. The failures of others hurt us but we still follow Him.

God is generous beyond my understanding. He knows us and expects us to be faulty. He can and does use our flaws. As long as he is leading us. I have seen many well meaning believers project their own passions onto others in a way that causes suffering.

Often believers have experienced being corrected by God. Well all of us really. But some who have been taught difficult lessons push these solutions onto others in manner that is hurtful. Like a woman who has been taught submission who begins tell women that they have to keep their children in homes where they are habitually abused. I could go on for quite sometime with examples of this.

We are only a remnant of what we should be. It is not just the infiltration of satanism that infects us we are failing. If you have not noticed that the Enemy is growing stronger. The All Mighty is in no danger of loosing the war. But we are falling short.

As we learn our lessons and being to share what we learn we have to keep this in context. Yes, Context. Holy scripture has to be kept in context. Think about the woman at the well. If Jesus had spoke condemnation on her for her sins she would have reported it to the others in her community. But that is not what he did.

Acting as one creature seems impossible. But it is far from that. I have learned while dealing with this it only forces me to focus on the truth, Jesus. He has brought me to a place where I can bond and work in unity with other true believers. It works and I encourage others to pray to be bonded to those who God chooses for you to serve aside.

We have not because we ask not.


Praying for Physical Place of Refuge

RA survivors need to feel that they are not alone. and so do their Spouses. Having a team to believe in you and stand by you is something that both need. RA abuse has been hidden since ancient times. 

It is complex. A lot of families live in secrecy when it comes to dealing with the torment of a survivors recovery and healing. The general public still can not comprehend the manipulation and torture that a survivor went through. Even on the rare occasion that a survivor reaches out for help they are told that those things could not of happened. That is by design. No one wants to believe that in today’s society that things that horrible can happen to someone and they survive. They think since most do not recover their memories until adulthood, that a lot of their memories are over exaggerated. 

In most these cases the primary support system is the survivors significant other. In a typical relationship there is a level of intimacy that does not exist anywhere else. So hear lies the question. If the survivor has their spouse for support, who does their spouse have? A topic like this is impossible to have around the water cooler at work or even to confide in your closest friends. Living a seemingly double lifestyle can become overwhelming. Its hard enough to open up about typical problems in life, talking about the effects of RA is nearly impossible. 

This is why Robyn and I are led to start a support network for RA survivors and their families. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. There is no better support network to have than others who have gone through the same thing. 

God is doing great things. Even before I met Robyn I felt l was called to provide a place of refuge for those who were abused. Since we have been together we have counseled a few dozen people. Almost all those people say the same thing, that they wish there was some place they can go that was safe so they can focus on their healing with out being judged. Unfortunately we are not there yet, but God willing we will be, soon. 

One of the visions I had was being in an old school building that was divided up between housing and an operations center where we would have people go and “rescue” those in need. The other is more of a campground setting where there are cabins and campers that were donated to house the families in need. Both would be focused on providing an area that a survivor and their family can come to heal physically, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually. For those that need it, a part of the recovery would be learning basic life skills. We would help them to get job training, schooling, and even housing when the time comes. In our experience helping a survivor is a 24 / 7 operation. Our phones ring at all hours of the day and night. To have a place of refuge would be a huge blessing since essentially all of their needs would be at one place. Not only would we have people who have experience in dealing with helping survivors heal, survivors would be able to help one another at their various levels of healing. More importantly it will be a safe place to work through their experiences without judgment or condemnation. They will be able to freely talk with others to hopefully edify and lift each other up. Even their families will have a support network being around others who have gone through the same things. 

In closing please pray that God will make a way for this to happen. This is a major need for survivors and their families. The current way is not good enough. It basically follows the same generic “church” model on your only good enough for one hour one day a week. There is nothing normal about healing from RA, so why should we keep doing things the normal way?


What the Church Needs to Know about SRA: Part 2: Safety

Safety is pivotal and easily obtained. We only have to accept it. That is the hard part.

A common flaw in believers is that we don’t accept our blessings. The enemy counts on this. He scares us when we are safe. As the Lord goes ahead and makes a way he knocks us off the path keeping our heads spinning.

This is a general problem for believers that is turned up for those who are under direct occult suppression. Turned up on to turbo light speed.

We (ritual abuse survivors ) experience this at a highly profound level. As, we reach for God our enemy takes notice.

With the use of Gang stalking techniques we experience events like coming home to find out that our furniture has been rearranged. This is just one example. Yes, this sounds like fiction. The enemy counts on that too. We dare not tell anyone for fear of being viewed as insane. And that just causes the victim to feel alone. Devils have been tricking people a long time and they know what works.

Gang Stalking is effective because one or more of the stalkers befriend the victim. They open windows and make keys for a gang of satanist to use. Even children are used in these ancient practices of suppression. It is cycle of misery.

This is just one of the techniques that I have discovered from talking to survivors. They are most often too scared to talk at all especially publicly. In the past, it was just easier for victims to keep quiet in order to avoid being labeled as insane.

These fear techniques distract the subject form accepting the freedom that some with accepting that the one true God is all power and living a life of repentance blocks all occult actions toward a person. The occult will keep poking at them for a while after they come to the Lord. It is beyond human capability to overcome, God is required.

Faith is required for all of us however a survivor of ritual abuse requires profoundly more than most believers will.

Not only does the survivor have to submit fully to the will of God and live a repentant life they have to walk through fires for, at least the first few years.

Good news is that as they resist the confusion more and more the enemy catches on and will flee. If they see that their actions are causing the victim to build more and more faith in God, they run like chickens. I have seen this in my own journey.

How could we (The Church) view these people with anything but an attempt to understand their behaviors. It is hard, harder than anyone wants to admit is true. Remember not to judge. Especially when what can be seen does not add up.

Know that when things don’t add up there is missing information.

Safety is a requirement in healing. A person can not heal while a wound is being reopened.

Showing survivors that they can stop being victims only if they ignore what seems to rule of them is pivotal.

Show them that they can be made safe. Show them that miracles are still readily available. Any and all attempts to rattle them can be used as a faith building opportunity.

I know this well as I lived it for most of my adult life. Over time I see that anything that is allowed to be done to me is momentary. It is scary, but walking past the fires with a smile on my face, just one time changed the way the occult handles me.

As always, do as God instructs as we are only his hands and feet let him do all decision making. He knows everything and has gone ahead of us to prepare our way, home.


What the Church needs to know about SRA Part 1: Perspective

First and for most know that there is a war between mankind and our enemy. But, do not be afraid It was finished a long time ago.

One must only know the scriptures and live a life of repentance and prayer. These are all general practices of the true church anyway. Thus standing against ritual abuse only requires us to do what we were already required to do.

Some of the things that we know need to be kept at the forefront of our thinking processes. First, Fear is our enemy and waits to sneak in. Don’t forget. These are basic concepts that we often put on the back of our minds as we decide what to do. Keep this in the front of your mind.

Fear is the engine that runs ritual abuse. When it is conquered the occult is near defeat.

Know that survivors have been under a system of domination that is beyond your knowledge. They use hypnosis and drugs in a system that forces the subject of the rituals in a state of submission. God can and does over rule this. Its the Body of Christ’s job to show them that God can set them free from this bondage.

Don’t just talk the talk, live it. Show them that you live without fear and they can too.

Second, Let God lead you in every second of every day, no matter what challenges lie in front of you.

None of us are God we live and prosper according to his will. So as this subject matter gets more and more difficult remember that as long as he is in control you will be in line with true perfection. We are only the Body of Christ, thus we have to let him do the thinking.

Some of us will just need to be aware of this aspect of the war that is being waded against mankind. Others will be expected to take an active role.

God puts us in perfect places and never gives us more than we can handle.

If you encounter ritual abuse survivors you will need to understand the role of fear in your life well enough to fight it in others who have been programmed, even under hypnosis to operate under there domination. This does not stop after childhood. We are most often manipulated throughout our lives. This is done both in the spirit realm and through Gang Stalking.

They are scared so tell the about a God who can protect them. Speak about his power. I routeenly refer to him as the ALL-MIGHTY. It reminds me while it informs them.

I don’t know what each individuals role in this is, but He does. Some just need to be aware that it is going on. Others will need to be active in the fight. I have no way of know which is right for what person. As always this forces followers of Christ to be completely dependent on God.

Never forget that we are on the winning team.

God knows all and never leaves us. When times get tough for you remember that they are not to tough for God. Also, know that that when pressure seems to increase it is just because you are close to achieving something for the Kingdom of heaven.

Moving forward it is paramount that we understand that the occult has been hiding for a long time. They are good at it. They hide under what some think are churches. If a church does not seem to be a real church, it probably is not.

Quite often I hear from non believers that the church condones the rituals that are done in its name. They are not talking about the true church but fakers that hide under his name. This is not as hard for me to process as it is most because I saw the corruption at such a young age. I knew well that people who believed that Jesus is a dead philosopher did evil deeds at night inside the church building. I was still devoted to the truth as he never left me throughout.

The more evidence of miracles that a survivor has the more they will cling onto him.

Know that occult victims are chosen for a reason. I have not yet encountered a survivor who did not have the gift of discernment or so obvious ability to serve God. Victims are caught in a generational cycle. Often those who reach out are those who have the ability to recognize what is behind there families hidden practices.

They fear this gift because it endangers their ability to hide.

Occult families often appear without reproach. From the outside they seem nearly flawless. They often look to be fine christian folks, during the day while operating under the most wicked of moral systems when they think it suits them. If one comes in contact with christian organizations that seem flawless it is paramount that they as the Lord to reveal any hidden agendas. Remember that nothing is hidden from He who matters the most.

Christians are never perfect and while we should not allow sin to be normalized look closely to those who seem to be perfect. They may be hiding things.

It is paramount that a believers faith be seen in their actions. We serve the most powerful. He teaches us what we should know. Ask him what is behind what you see. Survivors are programmed to behave as if they are insane. So it is important for us to take notice of those who claim to be remembering impossible events. If the facts don not add up that means there is missing information. Nothing is hidden from God so make sure that you are hearing and acting as he intends.


SRA Sanctuary

Most SRA survivors have the same driving force. They are simply looking for safety. I am a survivor that found it.

Most people never understand the battle that mankind faces. But, I do.

This is a real concern for us as we are under occult suppression through out our lives. The abuse does not just end with the rituals. However there is a way out.

Yes, they trick people. They only seem to dominate people. Jesus defeated them before any of us were even born. We only suffer because we have not yet, accepted true freedom.

Take custody of your mind. The battle is for the mind and God gave you, your mind to control.

If you are scared know that you are not alone.

Domination is a core tactic of ritual abuse. One of my main red flags was the realization that I never felt safe. I understand why I felt that way, now.

When a person is dominated in such an extreme manner while in early childhood they form insecurities that are continually reinforced with further abuse.

SRA victims are really are gang stalked and blocked from opportunities. They break our vehicles, jeopardize or ruin our careers and set us up to invest in damaging relationships.

Not only do these things really happen, the victims are alienated. These events are planned out ahead of time and designed to make the victim look delusional if they speak out. But, that too is a trick.

I broke from this when I surrendered all to God. It is the best thing that I ever did. I have not nor will I ever regretted it.

In truth, SRA survivors are most often kept in a spinning state.

It is real. But it can be stopped. I stopped it.

First understand who your enemy is. Scripture tells us to resist the devil and he will flee. Be aware that the occult is a hidden group of devils. Yet, nothing is hidden from the creator of all.

Human devils are much harder to deal with than even demons. Fallen angels are forced to abide by a set of rules. Human devils are less predictable.

The traditional human understanding of the word devil just scratches the surface.

This seems to be something that it is not. The occult will die. It is not even truly hidden as the All-Mighty God knows all things. Those of us who stand with him, in the light, have access to all needed information in perfect timing and way.

Second, know that safety is not illusive. The occult programs people with lies while they are in early childhood and nurtures it throughout adult hood. It is a simple trick. Where they have used the same tactics since ancient times.

They are limited and only have one bag of tricks. When one of us overcomes and we show others how to do the same they get nervous. They will test a persons faith but eventually leave them alone.

Third, one must make a change in the way that they react to the abuse. The action that makes things change is not complicated. It is all about resistance. Give your enemy what he does not want.

Here is the action that flips it all around.

Be still and know that He is God. He just wants your heart. If he has it he has your time and attention.

When they come at you increase your prayer. But, first, schedule in a time in which you sit with him.

God never left you. And He still has not left you. Look at him and not the storm around you. The storm is a delusion. These devils have already lost the battle as Christ rose from the grave.

God works with each one of us in his perfect way. He guides, teaches and encourages. Let Him !

The occult wants to keep your head spinning. But making and keeping a commitment to The All. Mighty sets us on a path to freedom.

I say regularly that I do not nor will ever regret my decision to submit to the will of the All-Mighty.

It is not a day at the beach. There are days at the beach but most days I work. Submission means servitude. Why not serve perfect. I realized that I don’t know what is perfect. So, I do as he instructs.

As part of the kingdom of heaven on earth I am on a foreign land. None of this makes much difference in any of my decision making. I have seen enough of the Glory of God to understand that my time here in this foreign land is temporary.

The point here is that while I have found safety from occult oppression I found it by becoming a foreigner. Its not all easy. But one thing about being a SRA survivor is that we are forced to know the evils of this world. I choose to leave the ways of the world which is glorious beyond my human ability to understand.


Update June 2021 with Video

I sent out a graphic with a note giving a brief update. We decided that with so much going on we should do more.

We made a video. and detailed written update:

“Surviving the Occult” in e book form has been downloaded exactly 100 times. Often people download free e books and forget about them. However they must have had some interest in the subject matter to be on the website.

The paperback only sold a few copies but already has a positive amazon review. The paperback cost. I don’t get much for royalties in my pocket. It just cost to have it printed and shipped.

While many of those around us have contributed in many ways. We also received one moderate donation which allowed us to buy business cards and paid for the gas during a trip to connect with like minded believers.

Money is never the focus for us. It is a bad influence and we move forward as we are led by God, not mammon.

The Blog is doing quite well. In the last three months it has has 1,344 views and 560 visitors. The articles written by Jeremiah did exceptionally well.

I wrote a few blog entries for the site Real Dark News and those articles got more than 2,600 hits.

The blog has experienced some neglect. I have not been posting as much as I would like. There have been several changes in our lives. We have moved to a new state and as soon as we arrived I was hospitalized for kidney stones and infection. It has been tough. After the infection is clear I will have a procedure to remove and crush them. I am expected to be operating at 100 percent within two weeks. I can say that I was impressed with the health care system here in Iowa. I am being well taken care of.

We are looking for new jobs here. There are many opportunities. We live a life of abundance. It might not look fancy but the Lord has met many needs in perfect timing. Ministry is our main focus but we do both.

Moving to Iowa is working for us. We have a support system here that is nearly drama free.

I have learned that all unnecessary drama has to go. There is no time for unnecessary problems. I have also learned that it is hard for men that know me personally to read my testimony.

We are counseling several people. Some of which have found a sense of freedom. This is a huge victory. The more of us who tell not just about the abuse but also the healing the stronger the Body of Christ becomes.

We see the same tricks played on different people. The enemy to mankind is not only defeated they are have limited resources.

No matter what your connection to ritual abuse is. Weather you are a direct victim or just live in a world full of them, keep talking, keep educating those around you. It makes a difference. Often survivors decided to keep the abuse private. I can respect this but the more of us that speak out the better.

We are living a miraculous life and you can too. Never forget that repentance blocks all attacks. They can scare us but they can to touch us.

Glory be to the All Mighty!


Deluded Church

Having been abused by a decoy christian church I know a few things about false theology. And it causes way more damage than Satanism.

I have been on a journey. For most of my life I have shied away from anything that carried the label, “Christian”. For a long, long time this stopped my growth as a follower of Christ. He was always my foundation but still not an active part of my life. It seemed that my inability to have somewhere to go on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday nights kept me from growing closer to my Lord. I was sooo wrong.

This finally stopped when I began to have regular worship, prayer and study on my own. Having church at home is the practice where I began to heal from ritual abuse. I do it in even if I attend services. I do it alone or with others. When I staer away the suffering pokes me.

One cant just go to church when they are the Church. The Church is the body of believers who are still on this earth. We are to be a people of repentance, in a constant state of change. We submit fully to the power and authority of The One True and All Mighty God.

Complete submission is the best thing I have ever done. Yet, we live surrounded by others who talk a lot but have no idea what the church is. Some fall away but still keep talking.

Being in submission is serious business. We are no allowed to fake it.

I have seen those who claim to follow Christ form ridicules delusions. These are often the same delusions. We have all seen them. People who believe that the words “I am Sorry.” Work like a magic spell and block all consequences. Or the fact that the bible does not speak of any rights to women and children who are abused. This can even get worse as anyone who speaks against abuse are labeled, unforgiving. This angers me but my Wrath is not what they should fear. God lays delusions on his own people when they turn away while still talking like they serve him. He does not tolerate fakers.

These people are the reason many turn away from the truth. But, I am not leaving.

Those of us who know The One True God know that this is wrong. We smell it. We also know that these individuals are in line for punishment. Hell is not the only punishment. For God of in control of our enemy and will allow him to hurt those who use his name to abuse people.

We have no need to punish anyone, he is sufficient.

These deluded people cause great harm. I have debated with some satanist. The class of satanist who believe that they are only atheist. (A true satanist will not admit to it as their practices are criminal.) Each one of them state that they have chosen this because they have been hurt by Christians. They don’t understand why one would follow such cruelty.

We are in a mess. The Church is due a cleansing. Hold still my brothers and sisters. Don’t leave him when you leave a congregation. Have services at home and live as Jesus instructs.


Ritual Abuse is Everyone’s Problem

Ritual Abuse is mind control programming. I know because I was one of those kids on the table. I walked through life responding to my programming and now that I am free from it I see things I never thought I would.

Ritual Abuse has been around as long as humans have. In truth, there is nothing new under the sun.

There is evidence of it in most if not all dysfunctional behavior here in the US and abroad. As I make contact with people around the world I see evidence of it in many different cultures.

Lets talk about the evidence. Yes, survivors go through periods of time where we remember flashes of evil events and we often get a bit freaky. But the evidence we do not talk about is the ordinary stuff.

Before I began to heal I had a few flaws. If one were to have met me they would have found no reason to fear me. My dysfunctions were common. I was codependent, insecure and scatter brained.

My dysfunction was not uncommon. Not at all. I was hard working trustworthy and dependable and scared all the time. I didn’t talk about the fear and I could have easily been categorized as normal. The occult hides well. Survivors and abusers are all around us. None of us can afford to overlook this evil.

One of the things that was programmed into me was to be loyal to a group of superiors. When was the last time that we saw a culture that did not idealize those who devoted themselves to a group of superiors. Most Americans seem to think that living for your employers benefit is a moral and good choice. We are bound to a dependence to those who govern and employ us. Often people even think this way of life is Godly.

Sexual crimes during the abuse taught me that I was property, currency. Are we? Are sexual organs supposed to be used like currency? Why does the general public seem to reflect the mind control that was installed in me during ritual abuse.

The idea that I had a right to learn magic so that I could defend myself against unwanted sexual advances was taught to me. They put no blame on men for pushing it on me. It is an old fashioned way of thinking. I see this around me, especially as it is considered acceptable for men to manipulate women in to sexual contact. This is what I was taught by my abusers. Men were not created to be degenerates. If we would hold men to a higher standard then women would not so commonly need to find a way of defense. They are making a need for majic.

I love being around believing men. They are no required to be perfect however they can have a meaningful conversation with a woman without it ending up used as a sexual advance.

As I grow I see more and more of a satanic mindset in common culture. It is not just that hundreds of thousands of police reports have been filed and that more and more of us are stepping forward everyday. Some of us are finding healing quietly and some are active in the fight. However, Evidence of ritual abuse is seen all around us its embedded in humanity.


Cult or Occult

            What are the differences in being in a cult or practicing the occult? Both use emotional manipulation to control victims. They will edify someone enough to gain a victim’s trust. They both promise “power” or being part of an elite system as a reward. They both try to sell you that they have the only answer. Even though being active in an occult situation is much more dangerous, especially one that actively practices dark arts, being in a cult that lies about being righteous can be just as dangerous. As we have seen throughout history both ultimately lead to death.

First let us look at the definition of a cult.


1: A religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious also: its body of adherents.

2: Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (such as a film or book) such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad.

3: A system of religious beliefs and ritual also: its body of adherents.

4: Formal religious.

5:A system for the cure of disease based on dogma.

Living and working with occult survivors I have learned a few things. One of them is that, the occult is a cult. According to survivor accounts, there are many levels of sacrifice that need to be made to be a part of a cult. On the very surface it may be harmless such as giving up some personal possessions. They will tell you it’s for the common good. That if you do not have those items in your life, you will be free from distractions and be able to focus on the “good” more. The occult offers a false sense that fades.

Many are pulled in, enticed with the offer of  a different way of living. They will disguise it as wholesome community where all who live there work together for the common good. They will tell you that you will not have to worry about your basic needs because they will take care of them. Others will tell you to give up EVERYTHING for a better life. While on the surface some of this may sound good and may even be good the endgame is still the same.

We can easily fall into a trap.The enemy comes to us from many directions. Most of them we see as normal. We as humans love our distractions. Most sit around and watch hours of television to “relax”. We listen to music that manipulates our emotions. We even eat to make ourselves feel better albeit emotionally over physically. Those that want to make changes in their lives what sounds alluring.

Since the invention of services like YouTube, access to the occult and even cults themselves have become so easily accessible. With a little video production knowledge and a smartphone, anyone can make a video enticing the lost to have a better life. Even mainstream media has romanticized the occult movement. Movies, cartoons, toys, and even clothes are examples on how evil is normalized. I was once guilty in taking part of some of these things.

Mankind’s enemy understands our weak spots. It is human nature to want to be entertained. We all desire distractions from our mundane lives. One thing I tell people that are struggling spiritually is to take a media fast. Stay away from movies, television, music, all of it. The less we distract ourselves from ourselves, the more we can focus on God.

 In the end manipulation is not of God. Manipulation is always witchcraft. Even for those that say they are doing the Lord’s work.

Matthew 7:22-23,” On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do mighty works in your name?’ And I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you are being manipulated and controlled, RUN! Do not believe in the lies that you can do no better, or that they are a last resort.

Remember, God is the Alpha and Omega, The First and the Last not man.


Surviving a Survivor by Jeremiah Kranig

            Living with a ritual abuse survivor can be challenging at times. A lot of patience is needed. It is easy at times to think that you have done something wrong when they may just be triggered by an outside event or memory. Because of their programming they spend a lot of time in their head processing even the most mundane thing like getting out of bed. It is in there nature to have walls up and be guarded even in the safest environments.

            One thing I personally struggle with is I am a get up and go type person. When I have a plan, or we make a plan to do something I tend to stick to whatever schedule is in my head. While that is a good thing for most people, it can be challenging for a survivor. I am always doing several things at once. I council several people, run several ministry pages, and assist other ministries around us. I typically work in one way or another from when I get up to well past the time I plan to sleep. That gets overwhelming for Robyn.  It is easy for me to forget that taking the extra few minutes to let her emotionally catch up can make everything that much smoother.

            Even though she does not seek it, I try to validate her when I sense she needs it. Survivors go their whole lives basically living a double life. The very essence of truth sounds completely crazy to a normal person. The average person that knows nothing of sra or ra would think that there is something mentally wrong or that a survivor had an over active imagination. I make it a priority that she is heard and understood. Even if something sounds crazy to you, at least have the understanding that it was very real to them. A lot of survivors would be disowned by friends and family if they were able to tell them the whole truth. It gets tiresome putting up a front in public so be a safe spot for them to land when you are alone with them.

            Trust is very crucial. Most survivors come from generational abuse. It is very difficult for them to trust anyone. When a family member who is supposed to love you and protect you harms or permits harm to them it is almost impossible for them to trust anyone. I personally have a hard time trying to surprise Robyn because I do not want to be deceptive even if it is for a good cause. Even when I do screw up I make a point to be fully honest so seeds of distrust would not be sewn.

            Bottom line is love them for who they are. Be as patient with them as you would a young child. Listen to them without being distracted. Pray and read the Bible with them. Having a relationship rooted in Christ Jesus is the best thing for a survivor. Believe them. We live in a world full of distractions. Hardly anyone pays attention to the truth anymore, and even though it may seem out there for you at times, it is their truth.  


The Obedience Effect

I am kind of goofy. In the sense that I make goofs (silly mistakes). Maybe not too much more than average. But this mixed with the fact that I have a vibrant personality and the ability to laugh at myself makes me a lot of fun.

My lack of fear allows me to be this way. I know this because, I was not like that growing up. I could never just be myself.  I was always afraid of getting in trouble because I was always in trouble, no matter what I did.  At times I felt safe enough to show others how fun I could be, for a minute or two. But I hid my true self. I hid from constant ridicule and judgement.  Due to fear, I hid my pain and my laughter.

We begin learning while we are under the control of our parents. Like many this distorted my understanding of obedience. As a child, obedience was a result of fear. It was suppression.

 This did not stop when I reached adulthood. Between being surrounded witches and continual demonic oppression, life was scary. Being an SRA survivor forced me to overcome fear as it had crippled my quality of life. Being crippled, in this way, started around age six and ended when I was 45 years old.  I never felt safe no matter what.

This changed. Correcting my understanding of obedience was pivotal. I began to see that obedience to God was only surrendering to perfection, freedom. Every time I have seen God act his actions were perfect. He is a right on time God. But he is the master of time and it shows.

I once lived a life on lock down. Now I am experiencing proof of God, continually.

This change occurred when I became obedient. I could not surrender until I understood what it truly is. He does not want to suppress us he wants to set us free. Freedom beyond human understanding. Which means a person can not act on just their understanding.

Don’t get me wrong, I fear God. He can squash us all without much effort.  But I am not obedient because of fear. I fear not pleasing him and not fulfilling my purpose. He did not make me by accident.

I am obedient because I know the truth. I accepted that I was created with a magnificent purpose.  Purpose of greatness so profound that it blocks the human need in me to be elevated above others. My obedience is to the perfect will of God, even if it hurts.

I see on a regular basis that God pays for obedience. It is a perfect paycheck, right on time and just the right amount. It takes faith. Often, He makes demands of me before he puts the needed resources in my hand. My human level of understanding is not enough. So, he explains things to me as I need to understand.  My life is a bumpy ride. But what I do makes a difference. Not because of my greatness, I am goofy. But because of my obedience.

 Yes, I have overcome SRA, but there are hundreds of thousand of others who have experienced the same things. Many of which adapted to the cruelty and now cause pain. However, God shows up for each of us in his perfect way and even someone who has had a cushy life can find themselves standing in the same light that I do.

Obedience pays because it aligns us with his perfect will.


Making Heaven Roar

My life is wonderful, but it has had its difficulties, it is supposed to be hard. I am the recipient of miracles and grace beyond my understanding however, my perfect path is still a bumpy ride.

As of now, I have a health problem that can cause extreme pain. I will spare you the gross details. However, I want to share an event that took place during a period in which, I had been worn down.

During this, I had a teenaged son who loved me, but when I could I shielded him from the difficulties that we faced. He had no idea how bad this was. He depended on me and any physical movement I made incited pain.  I managed to hide ER visits from him, and he seemed to think that I was, mostly just being lazy. His ignorance was my bliss and a burden as he was the only person I could rightfully use as an emergency contact. With my older two kids in other parts of the country It looked like all we had was each other.

This was the strategy I used to keep us afloat.  I took pain medication to get through my workday. I was intent on not being enslaved by opioids. So, after work and on my days off I laid still every moment that I could.

When I was not medicated, I would get up to complete simple tasks and then lay down. This was hard but the suffering gave me time to just be still with my lord. Through this I grew.

Somedays I just could not make it to work, money was low. I became grateful for every meal and day that the lights were on. I sweated the first of the month. Paying the rent was a treat because I had learned that God had given me the strength to get it done. This was a faulty strategy, but my faith was growing. I was scared but I should not have been.

One day, I was feeling a bit stronger and managed to both wash the dishes and get a bath. There was a minor amount of improvement in my ability to function. Not enough for me to notice. Fear still had its grip.

As I headed back to my bed something massive happened. I reached the foot of my bed as if it was a finish line and heard a roar of cheers. Like when I was a child all of heaven opened and all the Saints, God and Jesus were watching over me, rooting for me.  

This roar was in the spirt realm and more real than any performer on earth could experience. There is no stadium on this earth that could hold such a crowd of supporters. It was a lot to handle as I had just realized that I had forgotten to brush my teeth when I bathed.  I was shaken at my core, overwhelmed.

My Glorious Father, Creator of All explained this experience to me. With a chuckle in his voice, he said four words. “You completed two tasks.” He was so proud of me.  In my human mindset, I had not realized that I had made an improvement. But all of heaven did.

 I suffer sometimes still and have periods where I am worn. But I learned to let that gush of love radiate. He never left me, never.  

I now know the truth that my time in this body is temporary, but my accomplishments are eternal.

 Here is the thing: If a woman who was born into satanism, poverty, ignorance, collected three baby daddies, and earned a bad credit rating, can make heaven roar with such a minor accomplishment, what can we do as a unit.

The Kingdom of Heaven is just that glorious!

Let’s keep Heaven roaring!


Crawling and Lying : The Truth about Satanic Writers

I often hear believers quote known Satanist. This had angered me for quite some time. It was not just that they quoted them it is that they respected what they said. Even those who are adamantly opposed to Satanist beliefs or actions thought that they were telling them the truth.

I was once under the training of a high-ranking devil and I figured him out. Devils provide a ton of verifiable information and then twist one core concept that flips it all upside down. None of it is of any use.

I am not angry anymore.  I get it now. They just don’t know much about satanism.

Satanism is the belief that betrayal results in strength. They believe that deception is good. It’s the flip side of “Love one another”. They lie and they teach others to lie and think it is good.

Always know that those who teach a person to lie are lying to them.

They teach that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Which some Christians believe is in the bible. Yes, their beliefs are often thought to be in holy scripture. This will stop when Christians understand the need to read and study it for themselves. Obeying God without question is good but its only worth so much when people are just following other people, follow God not man.

They worship themselves and their loved ones and some creatures that teach them magic. Calling these people devil worshippers is only correct when you understand that the people are devils.

To keep this in context know that demons don’t have any power that humans don’t give them. They would have blown us all up a long time ago if they had the power to do so. Simply they cannot do anything on their own and must influence humans to be their hands and feet.

They are in people’s heads and are quite good at tricking us. Even this calls us to serve God as the more time a person spends with God the harder it gets for them to have any effect on the person. Those who follow Jesus know his voice and as we age we learn the difference.

But, back to the lies. Some people might be able to read Satanist books and filter through it with God. But that is probably one in a million.  Books written by Satanist program the reader. They are good at this. Their techniques have been practiced since ancient times.

However, they only have one bag of tricks. There is truly nothing new under the sun.

To keep this straight, I call them lie books.

Don’t be mistaken, the occult has been hiding a long time. They are good at it and most of their activities are hidden even from most of their own members. My self and others were incriminated before any of their criminal activities could happen in front of us.

They fear going to prison, while walking toward hell. And hell is a prison.

Therefore, there is no way that any known Satanist is going to reveal their secrets to you. Only those who have found protection under the All-mighty can do that without being put to death. These famous Satanist are planted in order to give the general public a false view of their practices.

Here are some of the beliefs that I was taught.

They think that torturing children strengthens them. It gets worse.  When these children behave badly as children or adults, they believe that the behavior is a result of who the individual truly is. They believe that they were born that way.

Some of this may be the result of generational curses. However, when boys choose homosexual activity, they believe that it is because they are gay. When reason would lead us to think that being sexually abused in early childhood, and sodomized would distort a kids sexual development.

The truth is that the occult weakens mankind one childhood trauma at a time. This distortion is carried down generation after generation like a plague.

In general, ritual abuse is mind control programming that is primarily geared to prevent people from thinking independently. These people are not really processing information they are doing what their ancestors did.

Many of them won’t wake up out of this delusion. But the Lord works on their hearts in his perfect way. When he does it is up to the church to show them how to “Love on another”.


My Christophany

This was the biggest event of my life. There were multiple life changing events during this night. All of which was overshadowed by the most important moment of my life.

The stage was set for me to renounce Jesus, but that is not what happened.

Waves of orchestrated turmoil had begun.

 I had been encapsulated, trapped in a circle of adults, fed a story about how Jesus was a dead philosopher. Which just sent me into witness mode. These people really needed him. But when, I tried to tell them that he was alive they started taking turns shaking me and yelling directly into my ears.

 “Stupid girl!” “Take it back!”  “I know you didn’t mean it.”

I tried to run. I had a good plan. Impressive for a six-year-old. But I was a tiny little girl. On my own I was powerless and trapped.

I was not on my own, not at all.

All of heaven spoke to me. I was told to call on him, say his name and that he would come, and the people would see him. Then, they would see the truth.

I mumbled his name several times and this circle of oppressors scattered. And there was a sound that came from the right corner of this decoy churches sanctuary. I sounded like a series of ten-ton metal doors slamming in a session. This display of power was as if lightning had stuck inside the building. Everything seems to have exploded but noting was burning or even overturned.

As I peeked up, My Champion, My Lord walked toward me.

There is just so much that the human body can feel. My eyes, ears, nose, and mouth could only go so far. That level of stimulus was almost forgettable. I balled up and hid my face.

My sprit took over the rest.  My spiritual ears heard a roar, as if the entire universe were wailing in pain. As if even the smallest particles of creation were set on edge and rumbling. Like creation could break at any moment.  There were multiple distinct voices, both male and female screaming “Don’t get dirty.” And many hearts wondered how many baths it would take to get him clean.

I was intensely aware that his feet touching the floor. There was something in the carpet, something I had been unaware of before. What ever it was seemed like spikes under his perfect feet. All the while I was on my knees and in a ball with my face touching the carpet at times and I had no concern about how the carpet would affect me in my imperfect state.  

He was just so pure, perfectly pure, and all powerful. Even vindication was pure in his hands. This was not something that could be debated. It was not held as a possibility. It was unmistakable.

As I remained balled up, he squatted down and rubbed my head and then my arms. He awed at me. And told me “We need to go.”  I knew that he was perfect and all powerful. But it was all just too much for me to process. I shook him off.

I have had to work to forgive myself for my reaction. But overtime, the shame has faded, and I am left with the knowledge what it is like to be in his presence. I live with less fear and a heart full of joy knowing that I will one day spend eternity with the perfect master of the universe.


Control Trolls

For those of us who have been ritually abused life seems unstable. We were dominated to such an extreme way. It is hard for us to feel safe because in our childhood we were dominated. But this is true to a large degree for everyone.

We know that loved ones die. We also know that regardless of the amount a person has on a savings account they can become penniless in an instant. Natural disasters come, often without warning. Life can be scary.

I just do not do this anymore. I have decided to skip it.

The ability to skip over all the unsure aspects of the human experience came when I gained an understanding of control. There teachings explained their way of thinking This started when I examined the core motive of my abusers. Understanding this helped me heal but it also taught me about how to deal with the uncertainties of life.

They were just trying to find safety. After, I refused to renounce Jesus they tortured me. They would hurt me and then say, “Defend yourself.”. After multiple sexual assaults I went into a range only for them to feed me with a false hope. They said that if I were to join their way of life, they would teach me how to defend myself. They believed that their way of life was one in which they found safety, in magical defense.

I did not buy it. They were the ones that were hurting me. I have throughout seen how unstable human exitance can be. However, I never forgot that while being confronted by horror I had been championed by Jesus. He came when I called on his name.

I have seen more defensive power than I know how to understand. Nothing, not even the highest of Magic can compare.

Applying that to the experiences of the public Is not hard. I am not long in a situation where I can be tortured by the Occult. However, I face many of the same insecure aspects of human existence. On a regular basis I have to remind myself to rejoice in all things because I know that the All Mighty God is in control. He is always in control. He allows us to make mistakes and he allows me to pay the consequences. But he never leaves.

This becomes more profound that most people understand. I take my life in season, just like everyone else. I am however able to laugh through the season of that seem uncertain.

I have said many times that those of us who were ritually abused get a front row seat to the Glory of God. This is more that I can fully comprehend. Our creator made the whole earth without having used his upper body strength. His Glory reaches beyond my problems and he will set all things good and right in the perfect timing and way.