Manhood Vs. The Media

Why is it when survivors and supporters of survivors of SRA talk about their experiences or different groups that are involved in SRA are labeled as crazy or a conspiracy theorist? There is so much happening in our faces in everyday life that are byproducts of ritual abuse that are being shoved down our throats and made to be accepted as “normal”. We have already scratched the surface with how mind control programming is done through ALL forms of media. The elite manipulate our emotions, thoughts, and actions by what they want us to see and hear. There is an attack on men in the United States especially. Television present men as incompetent fools who stumble through life only to be bailed out by their mother figure of a wife. Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way trying to degrade women, but statistically a household is stronger and healthier with a man as the head of the house. When a father is not involved in a child’s life, that child has a higher risk of dropping out of school, drug abuse, sexual activity and much worse. It takes BOTH parents with a sound mind to raise a healthy child. 

I came from a family where my dad was never around. I am the oldest of four boys, and there is a four year gap between my next brother and I. My three younger brothers are all one year apart. That being said I was left to my own devices because my mom had her hands full with the younger three. That meant I had a lot of time to get into and do things I shouldn’t have been doing. I started smoking at 11, discovered porn at 12, and doing drugs at 13. Getting high and sleeping around was normal for me. I didn’t have the father figure to guide me through those confusing times. Media, even back then was layered with sexual innuendo and normalized drug use. I was repeating the behaviors that I have either seen on television or movies or sung about in songs. I had no filter and no shame. 

Point is we are ALL programmed to a certain extent. Manipulation is as old of a human trait as sex. Every form of artistic expression is designed to manipulate ones emotions. Not all is bad though. Some can help get someone out of a depressive funk, but unfortunately, like anything else, evil seeps in to what is supposed to be good and ruins it.

So in closing, pray over what you watch or listen to. Focus on how whatever it is makes you feel. If your feeling heavily oppressed take a media fast. Ditch the electronic devices and get outside and enjoy God’s creation. I guarantee you will feel lighter even after a few days.

2 thoughts on “Manhood Vs. The Media

  1. I came from a family where my father was around and he was a dominant and abusive man. My mother and him stayed together because of religion even though he dominated and controlled her. I think as fellow survivors we have to be mindful not to make blanket and binary judgements about men and women. I have met many adults who grew up without fathers who are healthy and grounded. Whilst I am not into man-bashing, the statistics of mens violence against women are overwhelming and men need to be active participants in changing this narrative.


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