Surviving the Occult

Not Long after moving back to my hometown I began healing from a bad childhood. Not much of it made since. With God in control, I learned that when things do not add up, there is missing information. He taught me to schedule time just to focus on these things. So that I was able to function normally during my work week.

In these scheduled periods I accepted that I had been abused in Rituals for people to obtain demonic power. In this process I repeatedly refused to Renounce Jesus. This explains why I was always treated as an enemy to my Family. The things that I remembered explained much of the insane elements of what I always remembered. In the End I remembered Jesus physically coming to my recue when I called on his name during a ritual.

Now, Under the command of the All-mighty god I am offering my written account of my healing.  

Each chapter is divided into two sections. The first section is a description of abuse. This is the hard part, but it exposes how the occult remains hidden.  The second section is the healing notes in which details the healing process. This is the part that will stay with a person through whatever level of warfare that they face.

To God be all the Glory. Without him we are victims. With him we have all the power.


A truly compelling memoir. Robyn pulls back the curtain of her heart to reveal the bittersweet dance between satanism and survival, ritual abuse and redemption. This first-hand account is a rare, macabre peek into the life of children born into the occult, and the treachery that they endure. For most readers, this book will be a cerebral kaleidoscope of uncomfortable thoughts and emotions—contemplations which must be faced, lest more children needlessly suffer in the wake of our complacency.

Vicki Joy Anderson, Author
Real Dark News Contributor

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