Truth over Tradition : Shining Some Light on Halloween

Imagine being a sensitive person. You can feel the energy of your surroundings at all times. Energy from people, places, objects, pretty much anything and everything surrounding you. Now take it to another level. You are sensitive to the spiritual realm like you are to the physical. Every bit of good and evil being amplified way more than the average person. Even though it can be a gift of strong discernment from God, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to handle it. 

Now with it being October, imagine being one of these people during the highest wave of witchcraft activity of the year. If you look at the true history of this month you would realize that “holidays” like Halloween are more than kids running around in costumes collecting candy. Through out history a lot of evil things were done in this month. On a satanic level, from the 13th which is the reverse Halloween holiday, daily rituals are being done up to the climax on the 31st. The rituals consist of animal sacrifice, orgies, and even up to human sacrifices to conjure demons and even cast spells and curses on their enemies. 

Now imagine being a survivor of these rituals that was “lucky” enough not to be a blood sacrifice that ended in death. Imagine the torture they went through during the sex rituals and even blood rituals that didn’t end in death. Your locked in a room or cage filled with fear wondering if your next. In some cases the survivors even live seemingly normal lives since the rituals are done under hypnosis. Your in school playing with friends like any normal kid than your “knocked out” to be used and abused for their gain in “power” just to wake up in the morning as if nothing happened. 

For those who have been though rituals and have not yet recovered their memories, this time of year can cause a higher level of anxiety in their lives. They may be highly irritated, sad, even be overwhelmed by fear. They still try to live “normally” even partaking in some of the seemingly mundane aspects of the season as in carving pumpkins and putting cute costumes on their kids even though deep down inside they feel as if something is not right with it. 

I know some will say I am being an extremist. That Halloween is not that big of a deal. Trust me. I used to be there. This was my favorite time of year. I loved going to haunted houses, both real and fake. I used to take my kid trick or treating and even had him fooled into what I called the Reese’s Tax ( I would get all of his Reese’s and he would get the rest of his candy.)  up until he was 5. I even argued with his mom that it was not a big deal when she started to realize how all the traditions started and how evil they are. It is hard for a “normal” person to come to the realization after years of thinking that something is ok. Its like being told Santa isn’t real all over again. But in my opinion its better to side with Truth over tradition. 

For those of us that are believers in Christ, we are called to glorify God with all things that we do. That said it does not glorify God to celebrate a time that is set aside for evil. By doing so we are making light of people that were traumatized and even killed for occult practices. 

Now imagine again being a survivor of ritual abuse whose recovering memories. Costumes, and decorations may trigger that survivor in a very negative way. Imagine being so overwhelmed with fear no matter which direction you turn because those images are everywhere. At the very least a panic attack would occur. 

At the very core we are called to be a light to the darkness in every aspect of our lives. So I beg of you. Research for yourself on what the true meaning of Halloween is. For we perish for the lack of knowledge.

What the Church Needs to Know about SRA Part 3:Deliverance

One common thing I have been hearing from survivors lately is how they are being hurt by so called deliverance ministers. Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe in demonic oppression and the need for true deliverance ministries. What I don’t agree with is the lack of discernment when it comes to DID and alters. The common textbook deliverance minister has no clue on how to assist SRA survivors. One survivor we speak with could not understand why she had disdain for Jesus and worship music. After speaking with her for a few hours I came to the conclusion that the deliverance minister she was seeing was trying to cast out her alters. Now let me be clear ALTERS ARE NOT DEMONS!!! They are fragmented parts of the survivor. When an alter comes forward you address them as their own validated person. The survivor I’m speaking of would try to fall asleep to worship music and find her headphones thrown across the room. They were literally terrified of the name of Jesus because this “minister” kept rebuking them and telling them to leave in the name of Jesus. Now I now some would say that this person must not be saved to have alters feel that way. Well this person accepted Jesus later in life and her two alters identify as a five and six year old. Jesus was never spoken about in her home growing up.

Imagine a pie, doesn’t matter what kind, just a whole pie. Now this pie represents a human. When someone experiences trauma its like taking a piece of that pie. The pie is not whole. For some

one with DID they may have one slice missing or maybe over half the pie missing. Now if a survivor commits to following Jesus, they commit with the majority of the pie that’s left. The missing pieces may not have a clue who Jesus is or just don’t care because Jesus wasn’t a priority in their life at the time of the trauma. Now going back to the survivor I was speaking about before she came to Christ in her mid forties. Her trauma happened at a young age hence her alters being five and six years old. Those two alters, the two missing pieces of pie have no clue about Jesus except hes some mean guy telling them to leave. 

Which brings me to another point about deliverance. Can we please stop the theatrics? This over dramatic approach of yelling at and taunting demons does nothing for the person seeking help. If anything it fills the person with self condemnation and fear. Jesus didn’t negotiate with demons, He didn’t argue, question, or carry on a conversation with them. He just said leave. I don’t think that when the Bible said we would do greater things than He, that we would just be puffed up by pride and make a spectacle of ourselves to turn a profit or write books. Shame on you, you so called ministers that pass out checklists instead of using discernment like a true man of God.

Update 8/24/21

I just wanted to take a minute to update those who don’t follow us on social media. About 3 weeks ago Robyn broke her back while working. A week after that she developed pneumonia and was hospitalized another couple of days. She is on the road to recovery. She has been getting out and walking as much as her body would let her. We will continue with the “What the Church Needs to Know” series shortly. All prayers are appreciated. Thank you and God bless. Jeremiah

What the Church Needs to Know about SRA: Part 2: Safety

Safety is pivotal and easily obtained. We only have to accept it. That is the hard part.

A common flaw in believers is that we don’t accept our blessings. The enemy counts on this. He scares us when we are safe. As the Lord goes ahead and makes a way he knocks us off the path keeping our heads spinning.

This is a general problem for believers that is turned up for those who are under direct occult suppression. Turned up on to turbo light speed.

We (ritual abuse survivors ) experience this at a highly profound level. As, we reach for God our enemy takes notice.

With the use of Gang stalking techniques we experience events like coming home to find out that our furniture has been rearranged. This is just one example. Yes, this sounds like fiction. The enemy counts on that too. We dare not tell anyone for fear of being viewed as insane. And that just causes the victim to feel alone. Devils have been tricking people a long time and they know what works.

Gang Stalking is effective because one or more of the stalkers befriend the victim. They open windows and make keys for a gang of satanist to use. Even children are used in these ancient practices of suppression. It is cycle of misery.

This is just one of the techniques that I have discovered from talking to survivors. They are most often too scared to talk at all especially publicly. In the past, it was just easier for victims to keep quiet in order to avoid being labeled as insane.

These fear techniques distract the subject form accepting the freedom that some with accepting that the one true God is all power and living a life of repentance blocks all occult actions toward a person. The occult will keep poking at them for a while after they come to the Lord. It is beyond human capability to overcome, God is required.

Faith is required for all of us however a survivor of ritual abuse requires profoundly more than most believers will.

Not only does the survivor have to submit fully to the will of God and live a repentant life they have to walk through fires for, at least the first few years.

Good news is that as they resist the confusion more and more the enemy catches on and will flee. If they see that their actions are causing the victim to build more and more faith in God, they run like chickens. I have seen this in my own journey.

How could we (The Church) view these people with anything but an attempt to understand their behaviors. It is hard, harder than anyone wants to admit is true. Remember not to judge. Especially when what can be seen does not add up.

Know that when things don’t add up there is missing information.

Safety is a requirement in healing. A person can not heal while a wound is being reopened.

Showing survivors that they can stop being victims only if they ignore what seems to rule of them is pivotal.

Show them that they can be made safe. Show them that miracles are still readily available. Any and all attempts to rattle them can be used as a faith building opportunity.

I know this well as I lived it for most of my adult life. Over time I see that anything that is allowed to be done to me is momentary. It is scary, but walking past the fires with a smile on my face, just one time changed the way the occult handles me.

As always, do as God instructs as we are only his hands and feet let him do all decision making. He knows everything and has gone ahead of us to prepare our way, home.

What the Church needs to know about SRA Part 1: Perspective

First and for most know that there is a war between mankind and our enemy. But, do not be afraid It was finished a long time ago.

One must only know the scriptures and live a life of repentance and prayer. These are all general practices of the true church anyway. Thus standing against ritual abuse only requires us to do what we were already required to do.

Some of the things that we know need to be kept at the forefront of our thinking processes. First, Fear is our enemy and waits to sneak in. Don’t forget. These are basic concepts that we often put on the back of our minds as we decide what to do. Keep this in the front of your mind.

Fear is the engine that runs ritual abuse. When it is conquered the occult is near defeat.

Know that survivors have been under a system of domination that is beyond your knowledge. They use hypnosis and drugs in a system that forces the subject of the rituals in a state of submission. God can and does over rule this. Its the Body of Christ’s job to show them that God can set them free from this bondage.

Don’t just talk the talk, live it. Show them that you live without fear and they can too.

Second, Let God lead you in every second of every day, no matter what challenges lie in front of you.

None of us are God we live and prosper according to his will. So as this subject matter gets more and more difficult remember that as long as he is in control you will be in line with true perfection. We are only the Body of Christ, thus we have to let him do the thinking.

Some of us will just need to be aware of this aspect of the war that is being waded against mankind. Others will be expected to take an active role.

God puts us in perfect places and never gives us more than we can handle.

If you encounter ritual abuse survivors you will need to understand the role of fear in your life well enough to fight it in others who have been programmed, even under hypnosis to operate under there domination. This does not stop after childhood. We are most often manipulated throughout our lives. This is done both in the spirit realm and through Gang Stalking.

They are scared so tell the about a God who can protect them. Speak about his power. I routeenly refer to him as the ALL-MIGHTY. It reminds me while it informs them.

I don’t know what each individuals role in this is, but He does. Some just need to be aware that it is going on. Others will need to be active in the fight. I have no way of know which is right for what person. As always this forces followers of Christ to be completely dependent on God.

Never forget that we are on the winning team.

God knows all and never leaves us. When times get tough for you remember that they are not to tough for God. Also, know that that when pressure seems to increase it is just because you are close to achieving something for the Kingdom of heaven.

Moving forward it is paramount that we understand that the occult has been hiding for a long time. They are good at it. They hide under what some think are churches. If a church does not seem to be a real church, it probably is not.

Quite often I hear from non believers that the church condones the rituals that are done in its name. They are not talking about the true church but fakers that hide under his name. This is not as hard for me to process as it is most because I saw the corruption at such a young age. I knew well that people who believed that Jesus is a dead philosopher did evil deeds at night inside the church building. I was still devoted to the truth as he never left me throughout.

The more evidence of miracles that a survivor has the more they will cling onto him.

Know that occult victims are chosen for a reason. I have not yet encountered a survivor who did not have the gift of discernment or so obvious ability to serve God. Victims are caught in a generational cycle. Often those who reach out are those who have the ability to recognize what is behind there families hidden practices.

They fear this gift because it endangers their ability to hide.

Occult families often appear without reproach. From the outside they seem nearly flawless. They often look to be fine christian folks, during the day while operating under the most wicked of moral systems when they think it suits them. If one comes in contact with christian organizations that seem flawless it is paramount that they as the Lord to reveal any hidden agendas. Remember that nothing is hidden from He who matters the most.

Christians are never perfect and while we should not allow sin to be normalized look closely to those who seem to be perfect. They may be hiding things.

It is paramount that a believers faith be seen in their actions. We serve the most powerful. He teaches us what we should know. Ask him what is behind what you see. Survivors are programmed to behave as if they are insane. So it is important for us to take notice of those who claim to be remembering impossible events. If the facts don not add up that means there is missing information. Nothing is hidden from God so make sure that you are hearing and acting as he intends.

What the Church Needs to Know about SRA: Introduction and Video

Most of the church has at least heard of satanic ritual abuse.

Hollywood has been talking about it. It has been depicted within horror movies for quite some time.

However, there has been hundreds of thousands of people who have reported that these are not just fictional events.

As time passes many are facing the fact that it is real.

Ritual Abuse is Real and with the increase of technology it is being revealed to the public. In the 1980’s there was a gush of reports after the publication of a testimony many came forth to say that they had been abused in this manner. During this, some cases were filed and there were convictions. However this was hushed. This is not going away. Here we go again with many people coming forth talking about things that were once thought to be fictional.

Ritual abuse is biblical. Moses spoke about the practice of burning children in the book of Deuteronomy (18:10). Jeremiah spoke about the same practice in 2 Kings (16:3) and 2 Kings (23:10). Again Jeremiah addressed it in the book of Jeremiah (32-35) . When he wrote about the valley of slaughter. There are many references to children being passed through the fire. Yet, some believers still carry their bibles around and forget that it says that there is nothing new under the sun. Ancient evil is not dead.

Their is also scientific documentation. Many accredited mental health professional were hushed after the gush of reports in the 1980’s. Yet, there are again teams of them collecting documentation and offering help for the victims.

Some believers have joined the effort to help the victims. Remember that Jesus spent most of his time here on earth loving those who the world had deemed unworthy of assistance.

In order to be the Body of Christ we are called to stand with victims of abuse. I am a survivor who healed at the hand of God. He wanted me to be all that he created me to be. This is no different for any other Victim of SRA. It is the churches Job to do all they can to assist those in need. It is a big job, but we are only the servants of God and he can do all things.

So how is the Church doing?

In my own experience the Church failed. In general we are great need of wisdom.

I was abused inside a decoy church. This group of satanists were wrongfully considered fine Christian folk. As I learned I have discovered that these false churches are common. They are not the real church.

There were a few true believers in my life during the abuse. However, each one of them were turned against me. The witches would often tell the christian that I was a witch. Or that I was a little vixen who intended to turn the heads of the other children. I am not angry any longer but I do see that it needed to be noted that this is what happens when believers lack discernment. They become controlled by witches. This is why those of us with the gift of discernment are often targeted by the occult. They work hard to pressure anyone who weakens their ability to hide.

Working with other survivors I see that the church has a lot to work on. This type of failure is common.

It is hard to deal with. Most often survivors begin the healing process with recovering flashes of memories that no one involved finds understandable. They will spurt out things like, “I just remembered eating human flesh.” .Be aware that this is not by accident that the occult plans for this to happen. It makes people want to dismiss them. Don t dismiss them. Doing that does not make it go away.

Often Church members say destructive things to us. Many report being told that they should just move forward and get over it. While we often forgive an abuser we dismiss the needs of the victims. This is how victims become abusers. They don’t see that they have a choice but to defend their selves with majic.

We have been taught not to judge. Yet, many will judge the healing process off a victim because they don’t want to face that the abuse is real.

The shame is often put onto the victim. I was told that I could not have been abused if I had not done something wrong. I hear other survivors say this same thing. This is a gross distortion of scripture. In my case as with others our parents opened the door to the abuse with their sin.

In the defense of the church I will say that this is a difficult subject manner. It is hard for people to accept that these things are real. No one wants to think that these things are really happening. Survivors often report being plagued with the need to deny it themselves. Why would so many of us make up stories like this. And how could so many of the reports have identical scenes. There is nothing new under the sun and people are still bringing their children to rituals in exchange for favor with mankind’s enemy.

The events that took place during these rituals are made to be so bizarre that no one will believe the victim. It is a rally bad spot to be in.

The occult has been doing this a long time. Hiding and distorting people in their formative years has been working for them. We have however the favor of the All Mighty who never leaves us of forsakes us. They lost a long time ago.

In this series I will not only explain what the church has done wrong, but demystify what the occult hides.

I have found healing and been commanded to share it. Once a person understands what is going on inside the victim they are able to assist them and bring them to the place in the Kingdom of Heaven that they were created for.

SRA Sanctuary

Most SRA survivors have the same driving force. They are simply looking for safety. I am a survivor that found it.

Most people never understand the battle that mankind faces. But, I do.

This is a real concern for us as we are under occult suppression through out our lives. The abuse does not just end with the rituals. However there is a way out.

Yes, they trick people. They only seem to dominate people. Jesus defeated them before any of us were even born. We only suffer because we have not yet, accepted true freedom.

Take custody of your mind. The battle is for the mind and God gave you, your mind to control.

If you are scared know that you are not alone.

Domination is a core tactic of ritual abuse. One of my main red flags was the realization that I never felt safe. I understand why I felt that way, now.

When a person is dominated in such an extreme manner while in early childhood they form insecurities that are continually reinforced with further abuse.

SRA victims are really are gang stalked and blocked from opportunities. They break our vehicles, jeopardize or ruin our careers and set us up to invest in damaging relationships.

Not only do these things really happen, the victims are alienated. These events are planned out ahead of time and designed to make the victim look delusional if they speak out. But, that too is a trick.

I broke from this when I surrendered all to God. It is the best thing that I ever did. I have not nor will I ever regretted it.

In truth, SRA survivors are most often kept in a spinning state.

It is real. But it can be stopped. I stopped it.

First understand who your enemy is. Scripture tells us to resist the devil and he will flee. Be aware that the occult is a hidden group of devils. Yet, nothing is hidden from the creator of all.

Human devils are much harder to deal with than even demons. Fallen angels are forced to abide by a set of rules. Human devils are less predictable.

The traditional human understanding of the word devil just scratches the surface.

This seems to be something that it is not. The occult will die. It is not even truly hidden as the All-Mighty God knows all things. Those of us who stand with him, in the light, have access to all needed information in perfect timing and way.

Second, know that safety is not illusive. The occult programs people with lies while they are in early childhood and nurtures it throughout adult hood. It is a simple trick. Where they have used the same tactics since ancient times.

They are limited and only have one bag of tricks. When one of us overcomes and we show others how to do the same they get nervous. They will test a persons faith but eventually leave them alone.

Third, one must make a change in the way that they react to the abuse. The action that makes things change is not complicated. It is all about resistance. Give your enemy what he does not want.

Here is the action that flips it all around.

Be still and know that He is God. He just wants your heart. If he has it he has your time and attention.

When they come at you increase your prayer. But, first, schedule in a time in which you sit with him.

God never left you. And He still has not left you. Look at him and not the storm around you. The storm is a delusion. These devils have already lost the battle as Christ rose from the grave.

God works with each one of us in his perfect way. He guides, teaches and encourages. Let Him !

The occult wants to keep your head spinning. But making and keeping a commitment to The All. Mighty sets us on a path to freedom.

I say regularly that I do not nor will ever regret my decision to submit to the will of the All-Mighty.

It is not a day at the beach. There are days at the beach but most days I work. Submission means servitude. Why not serve perfect. I realized that I don’t know what is perfect. So, I do as he instructs.

As part of the kingdom of heaven on earth I am on a foreign land. None of this makes much difference in any of my decision making. I have seen enough of the Glory of God to understand that my time here in this foreign land is temporary.

The point here is that while I have found safety from occult oppression I found it by becoming a foreigner. Its not all easy. But one thing about being a SRA survivor is that we are forced to know the evils of this world. I choose to leave the ways of the world which is glorious beyond my human ability to understand.

Update June 2021 with Video

I sent out a graphic with a note giving a brief update. We decided that with so much going on we should do more.

We made a video. and detailed written update:

“Surviving the Occult” in e book form has been downloaded exactly 100 times. Often people download free e books and forget about them. However they must have had some interest in the subject matter to be on the website.

The paperback only sold a few copies but already has a positive amazon review. The paperback cost. I don’t get much for royalties in my pocket. It just cost to have it printed and shipped.

While many of those around us have contributed in many ways. We also received one moderate donation which allowed us to buy business cards and paid for the gas during a trip to connect with like minded believers.

Money is never the focus for us. It is a bad influence and we move forward as we are led by God, not mammon.

The Blog is doing quite well. In the last three months it has has 1,344 views and 560 visitors. The articles written by Jeremiah did exceptionally well.

I wrote a few blog entries for the site Real Dark News and those articles got more than 2,600 hits.

The blog has experienced some neglect. I have not been posting as much as I would like. There have been several changes in our lives. We have moved to a new state and as soon as we arrived I was hospitalized for kidney stones and infection. It has been tough. After the infection is clear I will have a procedure to remove and crush them. I am expected to be operating at 100 percent within two weeks. I can say that I was impressed with the health care system here in Iowa. I am being well taken care of.

We are looking for new jobs here. There are many opportunities. We live a life of abundance. It might not look fancy but the Lord has met many needs in perfect timing. Ministry is our main focus but we do both.

Moving to Iowa is working for us. We have a support system here that is nearly drama free.

I have learned that all unnecessary drama has to go. There is no time for unnecessary problems. I have also learned that it is hard for men that know me personally to read my testimony.

We are counseling several people. Some of which have found a sense of freedom. This is a huge victory. The more of us who tell not just about the abuse but also the healing the stronger the Body of Christ becomes.

We see the same tricks played on different people. The enemy to mankind is not only defeated they are have limited resources.

No matter what your connection to ritual abuse is. Weather you are a direct victim or just live in a world full of them, keep talking, keep educating those around you. It makes a difference. Often survivors decided to keep the abuse private. I can respect this but the more of us that speak out the better.

We are living a miraculous life and you can too. Never forget that repentance blocks all attacks. They can scare us but they can to touch us.

Glory be to the All Mighty!

Deluded Church

Having been abused by a decoy christian church I know a few things about false theology. And it causes way more damage than Satanism.

I have been on a journey. For most of my life I have shied away from anything that carried the label, “Christian”. For a long, long time this stopped my growth as a follower of Christ. He was always my foundation but still not an active part of my life. It seemed that my inability to have somewhere to go on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday nights kept me from growing closer to my Lord. I was sooo wrong.

This finally stopped when I began to have regular worship, prayer and study on my own. Having church at home is the practice where I began to heal from ritual abuse. I do it in even if I attend services. I do it alone or with others. When I staer away the suffering pokes me.

One cant just go to church when they are the Church. The Church is the body of believers who are still on this earth. We are to be a people of repentance, in a constant state of change. We submit fully to the power and authority of The One True and All Mighty God.

Complete submission is the best thing I have ever done. Yet, we live surrounded by others who talk a lot but have no idea what the church is. Some fall away but still keep talking.

Being in submission is serious business. We are no allowed to fake it.

I have seen those who claim to follow Christ form ridicules delusions. These are often the same delusions. We have all seen them. People who believe that the words “I am Sorry.” Work like a magic spell and block all consequences. Or the fact that the bible does not speak of any rights to women and children who are abused. This can even get worse as anyone who speaks against abuse are labeled, unforgiving. This angers me but my Wrath is not what they should fear. God lays delusions on his own people when they turn away while still talking like they serve him. He does not tolerate fakers.

These people are the reason many turn away from the truth. But, I am not leaving.

Those of us who know The One True God know that this is wrong. We smell it. We also know that these individuals are in line for punishment. Hell is not the only punishment. For God of in control of our enemy and will allow him to hurt those who use his name to abuse people.

We have no need to punish anyone, he is sufficient.

These deluded people cause great harm. I have debated with some satanist. The class of satanist who believe that they are only atheist. (A true satanist will not admit to it as their practices are criminal.) Each one of them state that they have chosen this because they have been hurt by Christians. They don’t understand why one would follow such cruelty.

We are in a mess. The Church is due a cleansing. Hold still my brothers and sisters. Don’t leave him when you leave a congregation. Have services at home and live as Jesus instructs.

Ritual Abuse is Everyone’s Problem

Ritual Abuse is mind control programming. I know because I was one of those kids on the table. I walked through life responding to my programming and now that I am free from it I see things I never thought I would.

Ritual Abuse has been around as long as humans have. In truth, there is nothing new under the sun.

There is evidence of it in most if not all dysfunctional behavior here in the US and abroad. As I make contact with people around the world I see evidence of it in many different cultures.

Lets talk about the evidence. Yes, survivors go through periods of time where we remember flashes of evil events and we often get a bit freaky. But the evidence we do not talk about is the ordinary stuff.

Before I began to heal I had a few flaws. If one were to have met me they would have found no reason to fear me. My dysfunctions were common. I was codependent, insecure and scatter brained.

My dysfunction was not uncommon. Not at all. I was hard working trustworthy and dependable and scared all the time. I didn’t talk about the fear and I could have easily been categorized as normal. The occult hides well. Survivors and abusers are all around us. None of us can afford to overlook this evil.

One of the things that was programmed into me was to be loyal to a group of superiors. When was the last time that we saw a culture that did not idealize those who devoted themselves to a group of superiors. Most Americans seem to think that living for your employers benefit is a moral and good choice. We are bound to a dependence to those who govern and employ us. Often people even think this way of life is Godly.

Sexual crimes during the abuse taught me that I was property, currency. Are we? Are sexual organs supposed to be used like currency? Why does the general public seem to reflect the mind control that was installed in me during ritual abuse.

The idea that I had a right to learn magic so that I could defend myself against unwanted sexual advances was taught to me. They put no blame on men for pushing it on me. It is an old fashioned way of thinking. I see this around me, especially as it is considered acceptable for men to manipulate women in to sexual contact. This is what I was taught by my abusers. Men were not created to be degenerates. If we would hold men to a higher standard then women would not so commonly need to find a way of defense. They are making a need for majic.

I love being around believing men. They are no required to be perfect however they can have a meaningful conversation with a woman without it ending up used as a sexual advance.

As I grow I see more and more of a satanic mindset in common culture. It is not just that hundreds of thousands of police reports have been filed and that more and more of us are stepping forward everyday. Some of us are finding healing quietly and some are active in the fight. However, Evidence of ritual abuse is seen all around us its embedded in humanity.