What the Church Needs to Know about SRA Part 3:Deliverance

One common thing I have been hearing from survivors lately is how they are being hurt by so called deliverance ministers. Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe in demonic oppression and the need for true deliverance ministries. What I don’t agree with is the lack of discernment when it comes to DID and alters. The common textbook deliverance minister has no clue on how to assist SRA survivors. One survivor we speak with could not understand why she had disdain for Jesus and worship music. After speaking with her for a few hours I came to the conclusion that the deliverance minister she was seeing was trying to cast out her alters. Now let me be clear ALTERS ARE NOT DEMONS!!! They are fragmented parts of the survivor. When an alter comes forward you address them as their own validated person. The survivor I’m speaking of would try to fall asleep to worship music and find her headphones thrown across the room. They were literally terrified of the name of Jesus because this “minister” kept rebuking them and telling them to leave in the name of Jesus. Now I now some would say that this person must not be saved to have alters feel that way. Well this person accepted Jesus later in life and her two alters identify as a five and six year old. Jesus was never spoken about in her home growing up.

Imagine a pie, doesn’t matter what kind, just a whole pie. Now this pie represents a human. When someone experiences trauma its like taking a piece of that pie. The pie is not whole. For some

one with DID they may have one slice missing or maybe over half the pie missing. Now if a survivor commits to following Jesus, they commit with the majority of the pie that’s left. The missing pieces may not have a clue who Jesus is or just don’t care because Jesus wasn’t a priority in their life at the time of the trauma. Now going back to the survivor I was speaking about before she came to Christ in her mid forties. Her trauma happened at a young age hence her alters being five and six years old. Those two alters, the two missing pieces of pie have no clue about Jesus except hes some mean guy telling them to leave. 

Which brings me to another point about deliverance. Can we please stop the theatrics? This over dramatic approach of yelling at and taunting demons does nothing for the person seeking help. If anything it fills the person with self condemnation and fear. Jesus didn’t negotiate with demons, He didn’t argue, question, or carry on a conversation with them. He just said leave. I don’t think that when the Bible said we would do greater things than He, that we would just be puffed up by pride and make a spectacle of ourselves to turn a profit or write books. Shame on you, you so called ministers that pass out checklists instead of using discernment like a true man of God.

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