Truth over Tradition : Shining Some Light on Halloween

Imagine being a sensitive person. You can feel the energy of your surroundings at all times. Energy from people, places, objects, pretty much anything and everything surrounding you. Now take it to another level. You are sensitive to the spiritual realm like you are to the physical. Every bit of good and evil being amplified way more than the average person. Even though it can be a gift of strong discernment from God, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to handle it. 

Now with it being October, imagine being one of these people during the highest wave of witchcraft activity of the year. If you look at the true history of this month you would realize that “holidays” like Halloween are more than kids running around in costumes collecting candy. Through out history a lot of evil things were done in this month. On a satanic level, from the 13th which is the reverse Halloween holiday, daily rituals are being done up to the climax on the 31st. The rituals consist of animal sacrifice, orgies, and even up to human sacrifices to conjure demons and even cast spells and curses on their enemies. 

Now imagine being a survivor of these rituals that was “lucky” enough not to be a blood sacrifice that ended in death. Imagine the torture they went through during the sex rituals and even blood rituals that didn’t end in death. Your locked in a room or cage filled with fear wondering if your next. In some cases the survivors even live seemingly normal lives since the rituals are done under hypnosis. Your in school playing with friends like any normal kid than your “knocked out” to be used and abused for their gain in “power” just to wake up in the morning as if nothing happened. 

For those who have been though rituals and have not yet recovered their memories, this time of year can cause a higher level of anxiety in their lives. They may be highly irritated, sad, even be overwhelmed by fear. They still try to live “normally” even partaking in some of the seemingly mundane aspects of the season as in carving pumpkins and putting cute costumes on their kids even though deep down inside they feel as if something is not right with it. 

I know some will say I am being an extremist. That Halloween is not that big of a deal. Trust me. I used to be there. This was my favorite time of year. I loved going to haunted houses, both real and fake. I used to take my kid trick or treating and even had him fooled into what I called the Reese’s Tax ( I would get all of his Reese’s and he would get the rest of his candy.)  up until he was 5. I even argued with his mom that it was not a big deal when she started to realize how all the traditions started and how evil they are. It is hard for a “normal” person to come to the realization after years of thinking that something is ok. Its like being told Santa isn’t real all over again. But in my opinion its better to side with Truth over tradition. 

For those of us that are believers in Christ, we are called to glorify God with all things that we do. That said it does not glorify God to celebrate a time that is set aside for evil. By doing so we are making light of people that were traumatized and even killed for occult practices. 

Now imagine again being a survivor of ritual abuse whose recovering memories. Costumes, and decorations may trigger that survivor in a very negative way. Imagine being so overwhelmed with fear no matter which direction you turn because those images are everywhere. At the very least a panic attack would occur. 

At the very core we are called to be a light to the darkness in every aspect of our lives. So I beg of you. Research for yourself on what the true meaning of Halloween is. For we perish for the lack of knowledge.

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