Ritual Abuse is Everyone’s Problem

Ritual Abuse is mind control programming. I know because I was one of those kids on the table. I walked through life responding to my programming and now that I am free from it I see things I never thought I would.

Ritual Abuse has been around as long as humans have. In truth, there is nothing new under the sun.

There is evidence of it in most if not all dysfunctional behavior here in the US and abroad. As I make contact with people around the world I see evidence of it in many different cultures.

Lets talk about the evidence. Yes, survivors go through periods of time where we remember flashes of evil events and we often get a bit freaky. But the evidence we do not talk about is the ordinary stuff.

Before I began to heal I had a few flaws. If one were to have met me they would have found no reason to fear me. My dysfunctions were common. I was codependent, insecure and scatter brained.

My dysfunction was not uncommon. Not at all. I was hard working trustworthy and dependable and scared all the time. I didn’t talk about the fear and I could have easily been categorized as normal. The occult hides well. Survivors and abusers are all around us. None of us can afford to overlook this evil.

One of the things that was programmed into me was to be loyal to a group of superiors. When was the last time that we saw a culture that did not idealize those who devoted themselves to a group of superiors. Most Americans seem to think that living for your employers benefit is a moral and good choice. We are bound to a dependence to those who govern and employ us. Often people even think this way of life is Godly.

Sexual crimes during the abuse taught me that I was property, currency. Are we? Are sexual organs supposed to be used like currency? Why does the general public seem to reflect the mind control that was installed in me during ritual abuse.

The idea that I had a right to learn magic so that I could defend myself against unwanted sexual advances was taught to me. They put no blame on men for pushing it on me. It is an old fashioned way of thinking. I see this around me, especially as it is considered acceptable for men to manipulate women in to sexual contact. This is what I was taught by my abusers. Men were not created to be degenerates. If we would hold men to a higher standard then women would not so commonly need to find a way of defense. They are making a need for majic.

I love being around believing men. They are no required to be perfect however they can have a meaningful conversation with a woman without it ending up used as a sexual advance.

As I grow I see more and more of a satanic mindset in common culture. It is not just that hundreds of thousands of police reports have been filed and that more and more of us are stepping forward everyday. Some of us are finding healing quietly and some are active in the fight. However, Evidence of ritual abuse is seen all around us its embedded in humanity.

Published by Robyn

Robyn has found refuge from satanic ritual abuse. After, many years of suffering the effects of mind control programming she committed to a life of repentance and prayer. Two hours of prayer every day reformed her way of thinking. This process of slow change has flipped the damages done during her childhood inside out. Now she lives a life of abundance and safety. God did this. This divine process began before she realized it. With divine encouragement she earned a degree in communications and sharped her writing talent. She shares her healing in a book titled, Refusing the Occult. With her ability to describe the events she shows that Jesus never left her. He has been with her throughout the abuse and its effects. Nearly, every request that she has made of God has been given to her in his perfect timing and way. Robyn lives with her husband and is active in ministry in Missouri where she rejoices in all things. The truth has set her free.

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