Little Robyn

I used to think that all the talk about the inner child was just silly. I was wrong.

 It took me a while to realize that a part of me is still that desperate little girl. Encouraging her provides a gush of release that I had needed for a long time.

Before this, I had felt like there was pain under the surface. It seemed unreachable. It was for a long time.

Even now, when I dip back into that feeling of desperation, I take a moment to focus on me, while I was in hell. I tell her, myself that she is doing a great job and that one day she will be a part of ending the suffering of children.

Having recovered memories of traumas that I did not understand as they happened gives me a safe distance and a strong stance.  Little Robyn did not know that she could do that. The release that this provides me is significant and can snap me right back in place.  

I look at things a little different since I have been doing this. I have focused on me when I was in hell and promised myself that I would take every little bit of the brutality they put on to me than and now and smack those devils in the face with it. It’s not about vengeance because I had to face a long time ago that vengeance has to be done perfectly and therefore is only allowed to God. It is however defense as it allows me to pay them back with truth and Love.

The truth Is Jesus, and he has more power than any witch could ever imagine. More than I can imagine, and I have seen quiet a lot of miracles. It is love because what I do is to show my abusers that there is a way out of the occult that provides not only safety but well a perfect new beginning. This is what I smack em with.

This Picture is Important .

I remember when this it was taken. I had been refusing to renounce Jesus and was in a lot of trouble. My Mom and Aunt had taken me away front the other children. They told me that I was a disgrace and that they were going to “Use my own power against me “. We held hands in a circle. I felt a surge of power and then they let go of my hand and told me to stand in between them. I did and I felt that surge of power suppress me In a way that imposed depression onto me. It was devastating. The picture was taken to document their actions towards me. Two other children were in the photo but they made sure I under stood that they wanted to record me in my depressed state. I smiled, but my eyes show the condition of my sprit at that moment.

I also recognize that I had a fever blister. This was about a year after I was purposefully infected with oral herpes after the first time I refused to renounce.

For those who believe that witch craft is about loving nature, remember that the higher the magic, the higher the cost. And the only true protection comes from the All Mighty God.

Published by Robyn

Robyn has found refuge from satanic ritual abuse. After, many years of suffering the effects of mind control programming she committed to a life of repentance and prayer. Two hours of prayer every day reformed her way of thinking. This process of slow change has flipped the damages done during her childhood inside out. Now she lives a life of abundance and safety. God did this. This divine process began before she realized it. With divine encouragement she earned a degree in communications and sharped her writing talent. She shares her healing in a book titled, Refusing the Occult. With her ability to describe the events she shows that Jesus never left her. He has been with her throughout the abuse and its effects. Nearly, every request that she has made of God has been given to her in his perfect timing and way. Robyn lives with her husband and is active in ministry in Missouri where she rejoices in all things. The truth has set her free.

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