Power is Needed

Some tasks require more strength than others. Power is needed.

Scripture states that The Creator formed the earth without having to use his upper body strength. The words “finger work” were used to describe the task of creating the entire planet. This is almost unimaginable. And utterly impossible at human standards. All things, the tallest mountain to the smallest particle were made from scratch with only the use of his fingers.   Even if all of mankind worked together, we could never come close to this level of power.

No one else can offer that level of Power. He has no competition.

Believing without seeing is honored. I believed when I was a tiny little girl.  But, seeing The All Mighty at work solidified my devotion.

He has more power than I can imagine. But I saw a lot. As a child, I was confused by my circumstances.  I am not confused anymore. While he allowed my parents to submit me to satanism. He never left me.

He mastered time and knew what I would need later in my life. He created an opportunity for me to ask for help in a way that mattered later. This was important because in my recovery I needed to know that I did what I could to get out of the situation. It made a notable difference in my ability to love myself.

It was more profound than that. He shielded my innocents as I was being raped. This sounds impossible. But I was raped three times before I was nine years old. However, each event happened in a matter that kept me unaware of the details of the physical act. The first time my face was covered. I believed that I had been stabbed by a blunt object, like a knife. The other two times the attacker approached me from behind. Again, I believed that they stabbed me with a blunt object. I knew these men would hurt me. However I still though mommas and daddy’s made babies loving each other. When the abuse started, I was oblivious to Lust. This innocence remained. He will let mankind make our own choices, but he will shield the children.

He taught me how to call on the name of the Lord. Jesus physically came to my rescue. As he entered, there was this sound. It was like thunder times a thousand, but inside a building. I had been encircled, trapped by a group of adults. As they heard me call, they scattered like roaches fleeing when a light is turned on. He has more power than any human can comprehend.

In all my experiences, practitioners of magic are only seeking safety. They seek power in order to protect, defend and provide for themselves. The fact that the training they experience kills the softness of their human hearts, well that  weakens them. They go to all extremes to overtake others, who might harm them.

The power differential between that of the ALL Mighty God and those offered by creatures that he created is massive.  One of the biggest struggles for those of us who have stood against the occult is not to find safety but to accept that we have access to all the power in all of creation. Scripture talks about faith and how faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. I have seen that having the faith to simply call on the name of Jesus can Rock the environment and dismantle all threats against me.

Published by Robyn

Robyn has found refuge from satanic ritual abuse. After, many years of suffering the effects of mind control programming she committed to a life of repentance and prayer. Two hours of prayer every day reformed her way of thinking. This process of slow change has flipped the damages done during her childhood inside out. Now she lives a life of abundance and safety. God did this. This divine process began before she realized it. With divine encouragement she earned a degree in communications and sharped her writing talent. She shares her healing in a book titled, Refusing the Occult. With her ability to describe the events she shows that Jesus never left her. He has been with her throughout the abuse and its effects. Nearly, every request that she has made of God has been given to her in his perfect timing and way. Robyn lives with her husband and is active in ministry in Missouri where she rejoices in all things. The truth has set her free.

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