The Blame Game

I was incriminated by the occult, at six years old. With the use of hypnosis and drugs they convinced my father that I enjoyed a vile sex act. He never loved me after he saw me laughing while men relieved themselves on me.  

That was just part of the damage that this event did. This literally caused their abusive words to echo through the mouths of those who I thought were my protectors.

During the rituals, they would say “You Like it” and that was bad enough. But they also, trained my father to echo their words. He would say, “After, what you like. “or “After, what you did.”.  This got worse. He told other family members about what he saw, and they too would remind me from time to time about “What you like.”   This was hard to heal from, but I have done it. I describe this process in Chapter 1 of the book Refusing the Occult.  

Here are some things that I learned:

  • People are not going to tell you about their criminal behavior, until after they incriminate you.

They do not recruit people by telling them that they could go to Jail.  The lower-level practitioners are often kept in the dark, pun intended.

Incrimination is a step-by-step process that generally includes hypnosis and drugs. In several survivor stories it is recorded that persons are unaware of criminal activity until after they find themselves having committed a crime while under hypnosis. They are often invited to have sex during a ritual with an adult partner. During the act they will be smacked and brought out of the hypnotic delusion only to realize that their partner is a child. They are taunted when the try to explain that they never intended to have sex with a child.  At this point a person seems to be in a trap. In truth the only way out of this situation is submission to the All-Mighty God. Many remained trapped in the occult. It is the Churches job to teach them about how to make their selves safe.

  • Satanism is the belief that betrayal strengthens mankind.

They betray their children in a way that can turn a person’s heart to stone. They think that this will strengthen mankind. And when adults are growing in rank to the point that they must be incriminated they think they are helping them grow stronger. It is a sick circle. It is an old and effective trick. No one dare talk about this even if they had left the occult. It is well hidden while being used regularly.  

  • Living a life of repentance protects a person from being incriminated.

There is a legal system that governs what they can do and cannot do.

For a person to be incriminated first they must agree to do something that is wrong (Sin). In my case my parents sin gave them the right to hurt me. In other accounts of incrimination, the person had agreed to do something wrong and that opened the door for this to be allowed by God. Moving forward I learned that living a life of repentance, constant improvement protects me from the occult who does seek to harm me.

If a person continues to behave wickedly, they can be overpowered by those who are better at being wicked.

  • They Fear Jail.

Of course, they do. It does seem bizarre to me that they make such effort to prevent criminal prosecution while a prison awaits them that is worse than anything that can be done to them by man.

Published by Robyn

Robyn has found refuge from satanic ritual abuse. After, many years of suffering the effects of mind control programming she committed to a life of repentance and prayer. Two hours of prayer every day reformed her way of thinking. This process of slow change has flipped the damages done during her childhood inside out. Now she lives a life of abundance and safety. God did this. This divine process began before she realized it. With divine encouragement she earned a degree in communications and sharped her writing talent. She shares her healing in a book titled, Refusing the Occult. With her ability to describe the events she shows that Jesus never left her. He has been with her throughout the abuse and its effects. Nearly, every request that she has made of God has been given to her in his perfect timing and way. Robyn lives with her husband and is active in ministry in Missouri where she rejoices in all things. The truth has set her free.

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