Characteristics of a Decoy Church- Entry 1, Physical Symbol

This gets complicated. But I will simplify it as much as possible.  

Here are some things that I learned:

  • The symbol for a decoy church is three crosses.

While being trained by Satanist who controlled a decoy, I was instructed that the symbol was three crosses. I describe the details of this interaction in the book, “Refusing the Occult”. The book is in the editing process and I will post a release date as soon as It is determined.

 It was mentioned that other people used this symbol. I was told that they did not mind others using the symbol because it helped them hide. This seems to have worked since one cannot assume that all churches who use the symbol are decoys.

Another complication is that not all decoy churches use this symbol. The one that I was abused in used a single cross. Yes, they used a cross they did not consider it their true symbol. It did however hang over the platform.

  • The symbol is not a defining factor by itself.

The presents or absence of this symbol is not a defining factor in whether a church is a decoy. But this information is still useful.

I was not only told what the symbol is but also what it meant to these people. This is still a defining factor.

They believe that the three crosses symbolize Jesus and the two thieves that were crucified with him. They also believe that no one person is more important than the other. This sounds good until they express that the two thieves are just as important as Jesus. This is only one of the twisted beliefs they tried to instill in me.

On its own using three crosses as a symbol is not a defining factor but there are other characteristics to look for. Knowing them all is required.

  • Only God can exercise vengeance.

Going forward I think it is important that any believer stay focused on the fact that the job of a believer is to Love everyone. Any harmful action works against the Kingdom of Heaven. None of us know everything. God does, and his actions are perfect. There is no need for a witch hunt. This only leads to harm to the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • This information can help those who unknowingly attend a decoy.

These places of worship have many members that are unaware of the nighttime practices. If one suspects that the church that they are attending might be a decoy, they could ask what the symbol means to the pastor.

As always discernment begins with prayer and in direct contact with the enemy one must let go of their own thoughts and let God guide them.

Confronting enemy forces is deadly if one goes in without giving God complete control. I have learned to stop thinking in these moments. Yes, literally stop thinking. Let God work through me as if I was an angel. Any disobedience will put a person in the path of harm.

The good thing about this is that those who realize that they need to evaluate their own church is first forced to submit fully to their creator.

Please check back and learn about all the characteristics of a Decoy church.

Some Churches are Decoys

I have learned great things. It is not just that the Church is a group of people and not a place. It is much more than that. We are a people who bring the ways of heaven to earth. A people who lives a unified existence, where the leaders are those who serve the most.

I have learned that the occult has infiltrated the church in multiple ways. Some of the faults are due to traditional wrongs. Like having church on Sundays while living the ways of the world throughout the week. Some have forgotten that our entire job is to Love everybody. These are the faults that are seen and talked about. But it is worse than that, much worse.

Another way that the Church is infiltrated is through decoy churches. Yes, some churches are not really churches at all. This seems like new news, but it is not.  False profits are talked about in scripture. A profit is someone who speaks for God. A false Profit is someone who pretends to speak for God but works for mankind’s enemy. One has to know the voice of the Lord in order to recognizing what is really him and what is not.

These places of worship look like a traditional church. They also seem to function as a typical church during the day.  Yet, at night serve the enemy in a direct manor.

Characteristics of a Decoy Church

  • They serve the enemy after dark and can seem perfectly normal during the day.
  •  They promote getting drunk in the spirit. This hides them because they are often visibly upset in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  •  There symbol is three crosses which distracts from the true meaning.
  •  They teach racial segregation to keep mankind divided.
  •  They worship the bible as an idol which fosters legalism.
  • They are legalistic and judgmental which causes division.
  •  They are favored by the media.

Many of these characteristics are seen in faulty Christianity.  However, a person who spends a lot of time in prayer knows the difference. Having a close relationship with Jesus is a must have. I know the difference between the voice of my Lord and the voice of my enemy because I spend time with my Lord.  Having a relationship with God will build discernment.

The enemy to mankind is a master of camouflage. Often those without obvious flaws are hiding their flaws. Yet sometimes those who seem flawless are agents of their own enemy.

This seems so overwhelming. It is too much for a person to handle on their own. Yet, it is not a victory for mankind’s enemy because these difficulties only lead a person to seek and cherish the guidance of the All-Mighty God. Nothing is too hard for him. And nothing is hidden from his eyes.

God is informative and faithful. My prayers concerning finding other believers were answered in perfect timing. He led me to Missouri where I found a true body of believers.   


Hypnotic delusions were used during my abuse. At the beginning of each of these sessions God would tell me that I was being tricked. I did not understand what was going on at that time. As an adult I have gained an understanding about this process that has left me empowered.

God is genius. On one occasion he woke me while I was in a hypnotic trance and let me see how some of this was done. He gave me the information that he knew I would need later. But no more than that.  I do not know how to do it exactly. For instance, I know that they would wave their hand over my face to initiate a change. I am sure there is more to it than that. I write detailed descriptions of these experiences in the book “Refusing the Occult”

Here are some things that I learned

  • They wave their hand over your face to initiate a change.

First, they wave their hand over a person’s face and put them in a trance. While they are in a trance, they tell them to imagine something. Then they wave their hand over the persons face again and they see what ever they are told to imagine.

The person does not remember the events that took place while they were in a trance. They may remember seeing something wave in front of their face. But the shock of seeing the delusion usually overshadows everything.

The victim experiences a sudden change in environment or circumstance.

Once it seemed that I had fallen asleep and someone had put me in my bed. I woke up in my bed only to discover later that I was chained to the ritual table. They brutalized me. This was a domination tactic that they used to punish me for trying to run home.

These people are not dealing with the truth and need to use delusion to dominate.

  •  The victim creates what they see with their imagination.

Since, the delusion is created with the use of a person’s imagination they can control what they see. This is only worth so much. Especially since the victim is usually not aware, that it is a delusion.

The conversations that took place during the delusions that I experienced were with people who were truly there. So, I had no control of what they said. However, on an occasion in which I was told to imagine that I had made it home safely and was in my bed, God showed me how I could make objects disappear and reappear.

  • They smacked my cheek, near my mouth to bring me out of hypnotic states.

I have read other peoples survivors’ stories that reflect this as well. They talk about being slapped on the shoulder only to realize that an action that they had agreed to do with an adult suddenly involved a child. This is used to incriminate people.

For me, a series of moderate smacks at my mouth was the first sensation that I felt in most of my experiences since they would put me into a trance in the beginning.

The use of delusions led to the feeling of domination. It seemed like they were teleporting me. For quite some time I believed that these experiences were just bad dreams. As a child, this was too much for me to grasp. Even with God I failed to understand I was being tricked. But today I am able to flip these traumatic experiences upside down and allow God to impower me.

Stopping the Spin

Ritual abuse is an old practice. Consequently, the occult is well practiced at hiding.

They use bizarre elements. Leaving their victims with unbelievable memories often prevents them from talking about it. They keep our heads spinning.

As a child, I had no understanding of what was going on. During the day I thought that my experiences were nightmares. I formed this understanding because I would go to sleep in my bed and wake up somewhere else.

But it was more than that. I saw and experienced many things that seemed to be impossible. For instance, control of gravity, invisibility and well a man-sized flying bird. If I would have told someone about the abuse when I was a child I would have been institutionalized. Even if that person had good intentions. This was not by accident. They make it unbelievable.

I have learned quite a lot since then. I know now that drugs and hypnosis were being used. I also know that some of the bizarre elements really happened and some did not.

I now know the difference between the Bizarre elements that are real and those that I experienced during a hypnotic delusion. This stopped my head from spinning.

Here are some things that I learned:

  • Keep this to yourself in the beginning.

A person seems unbelievable when they do not know what they are talking about. This is true in general however when sharing memories of occult practices before one find understanding is dangerous.

  •  Know where power comes from.

At some point I embraced the fact that all the power that they held over me was minimal in comparison to that of the All Mighty God. This settled the fear that the occult had impressed into me.

What God does is perfect so it does not happen when we think it should. Humans cannot recognize perfect until they see it in hindsight. The All Mighty masters even time. Letting him protect me was the smartest thing I ever did.

Believing without seeing is a symptom of faith. However, I now believe without seeing because I have seen enough to know that he never leaves.

  •  Know that it is mind control programming.

Understanding this simplified it all. All I had to do was to take control of my mind. With, God I became empowered and as I cleared my head things started to make since.

  • Address one memory at a time.

Focusing on one memory at a time simplifies the process. If a person jumps around from memory to memory it all ties in a knot. However, if a person can calm down enough to find an explanation for one bizarre event the next mystery unfolds easier.

These are just some of the things that I learned. I have gained the understanding that they used hypnotic delusions to confuse and oppress me. For instance. On an occasion in which I had tried to run they fed me a delusion that I had made it home safe. I fell asleep then woke up in my bed, this was not real. However, is seemed to be. God was with me and telling me that I was being tricked. I believed the lie only for them to pull me out of the delusion where I realized that I was chained to the ritual table and not in my bed at home.

Occult domination is a lie. A life of prayer and repentance has set me free from fear.

Remember Glory

Recovering memories can cause harm. But only if a person does it alone.

Some people have even formed alternate personalities to handle what they were remembering. That did not happen to me.  With God, I managed to come through this process in better condition that I ever imagined. For the first time I can say that I Love my life.

This process began when I addressed unexplained pain and dysfunction. I was a long-time codependent that never felt safe. No matter what, I always felt fear.

In the beginning of the process I did not associate any of this with ritual abuse. But, when I focused on my childhood, I realized that I had memories that did not make since. For instance, I remembered seeing someone have a seizure, while remaining in a standing position. There was a lot of things that did not make since. The one that spun my head the fastest was remembering memorizing The Lords Prayer without having read it.   

God showed me that when things do not add up there is missing information. So, I accepted that I had blocked out events from my childhood.

I am no better than those who form other personalities. I did however manage to pray and let God lead me in the process and as always, he taught and protected me.

Here are some things that I learned:

  • God is a requirement.

Without him I am a target. With him I am safe and guided. I have all the power that is needed to secure safety.

  • The easier memories are recovered first.

 They get harder as the process develops. When I started, I was praying but as time passed, I developed the ability to pray without ceasing.

  •  I only focused on the painful memories during a scheduled period.

I scheduled two hours a day to focus on the memories. This gave me the ability to function normally throughout my workday. I started and ended each session with prayer.

  •  Do not tell anyone, for a while.

I told my son that I was dedicating two hours a day to prayer. He thought I was being lazy. That worked out in the end because he now understands.  If a person starts ranting about recovered memories before they have found a sense of closure, they can seem unreliable.This is just for a time. Now is a good time in history for people to talk about this. It only takes an internet search to find that there are many of us. Sharing our healing is important. The occult is not all powerful. God however is.

Some say that we never completely recover. In a big way this is true. Just when I thought that I was done God showed me that there were more events that I needed to deal with. In any case I will spend the rest of my life rejoicing.

Why I Listen

My conscious speaks to me. It always has. However, through my healing process this has developed into something profound.

What, in the past I thought was, a tug on my heart when I was doing something that I knew I should not be doing, I now recognize as, Devine instruction.

This instruction often contains detailed information that I would never have had access to on my own. It is often far beyond human range of knowledge. Even the highest practitioners of Magic cannot compete. It took me quite some time to develop the ability to hear God. I was stubborn.

Here are a few things that I Learned:

  1. God talks to all of us.

God is with me now. But he was always with me. He was talking to me before I devoted myself to a life of prayer. Once, I heard God say, take a left and when I did, I drove right to a house that was perfect for me. I did not have the faith to understand that while I could not afford this house on my own. God would have given me the ability to buy it. I did not buy that house because I did not ask him for it.

On another occasion I prayed as my car was breaking down on a dark country road. A light shone over the top of a hill that was ahead of me. I gasped because this looked as if an angel was waiting for me.  As my car puttered to the top, I found that a church service had just ended. The church helped me, and I made it home safe.

It took me many years to understand that while there was not a winged person on top of the hill. He did send angels as these church members were his servants and could serve as a messenger (Angel).

Just so you know, Angels do not necessarily have wings, the word “Angel” only means messenger of God.  

  • Self-condemnation is deadly.

It was my poor view of myself that stopped me from accepting the blessings that were prepared for me. I rationalized these and many other instances of divine intervention. This kept me overlooking mystical occurrences. When I accepted that God Loved me enough to guide me a life of safety and plenty developed. Sometimes the statement “Jesus loves You “seems corny. However, it is accepting this love that opens each one of us up to the kingdom of God.

God knows who we will become. Often, he works on us in our lowest state because he knows who one will become. So, if he is pulling on someone’s heart, they are worth the effort.

  • The more one listens the more they get.

I have found much conflict with Christianity. I looked but I was unable to find people who seemed to serve God. I asked God where his other believers were, and he answered in his perfect timing.

This began when, I heard him say that a man I saw on the internet was his, specifically he said, “That is mine.” He was very possessive of this man. This helped my heart. However, three years later he told me to go visit this man. Within, seconds I was offered the ability to travel in that direction. I did what he told me to do and found that this man and many others were true believers like me. This group of people are now my family. This is how God answered my request for a family and to find other believers.

  • Listening to God leads a person to fulfillment.

He was always talking to me. But I did not always listen. I have now increased my listening skills and my courage to act on his instructions. Prayer did this. No one can stop a person from praying and prayer has connected me to God on a level that I never thought possible.

  • Doing what god tells a person to do puts them in a perfect place.

Listening and responding to the voice of God has led me to a path in which ever aspect of my life was corrected. I have now received everything that I asked God for.

Flip Flop Fear

It is human to focus on danger. This is a problem. It is fair to say that one would move past a cellar door while running from a tornado. This shows that fear does not lead to safety it distracts.  Truth can be the focus.

Here are some lessons I have learned:

1.Gratitude Leads to Plenty.

In the past I  feared a lack of resources. One mistake or misfortune can easily lead to homelessness. I got out of this rat race. Instead of focusing on possible downfalls I focus on what I have in abundance.

I try to find someone who needs what I have in excess. The more I do this the easier it gets. I do not always get this right but when I do I receive blessings.

This starts an exchange of goods in which my needs are met. I have become aware that there is no lack of resources on this earth. However, there is a lack of love. Love is a verb and Loving one another works.  

2. The Protection of the All Mighty God is More Than Sufficient.

It only takes one miracle to make a believer. Yes, I have been attacked by the occult through the process of sharing my healing. Each attempt was blocked. My faith has increased profoundly with each instance. I do not know the future, but It looks like they will eventually see that attacking me works against them.

3. Fear is the driving force behind occult practices.

Magic costs and then it costs more. The practitioners are only trying to defend themselves. They, like anyone, need safety. At a young age they are weakened by abuse and given methods of defense in exchange for their participation.  

It enslaves, the practitioners of magic. When I refused the occult, I choose freedom.

I am not saying that I am never afraid. I am saying that I am aware that fear is destructive. With each challenge I feel less and less fear. This is a long process for those who have been abused in rituals. The rituals cause the delusion that the occult is all powerful. It is a delusion, so much so that they use hypnosis to inflict fear upon the children during their formative years.

This is worse for us. However, fear effects all people at some points. Being in the process of surviving ritual abuse is hard but it has forced me to overcome something that most people deal with.

The lessons that we learn through our healing process can be shared with everyone. All things can turn good for those who believe in God.

Power is Needed

Some tasks require more strength than others. Power is needed.

Scripture states that The Creator formed the earth without having to use his upper body strength. The words “finger work” were used to describe the task of creating the entire planet. This is almost unimaginable. And utterly impossible at human standards. All things, the tallest mountain to the smallest particle were made from scratch with only the use of his fingers.   Even if all of mankind worked together, we could never come close to this level of power.

No one else can offer that level of Power. He has no competition.

Believing without seeing is honored. I believed when I was a tiny little girl.  But, seeing The All Mighty at work solidified my devotion.

He has more power than I can imagine. But I saw a lot. As a child, I was confused by my circumstances.  I am not confused anymore. While he allowed my parents to submit me to satanism. He never left me.

He mastered time and knew what I would need later in my life. He created an opportunity for me to ask for help in a way that mattered later. This was important because in my recovery I needed to know that I did what I could to get out of the situation. It made a notable difference in my ability to love myself.

It was more profound than that. He shielded my innocents as I was being raped. This sounds impossible. But I was raped three times before I was nine years old. However, each event happened in a matter that kept me unaware of the details of the physical act. The first time my face was covered. I believed that I had been stabbed by a blunt object, like a knife. The other two times the attacker approached me from behind. Again, I believed that they stabbed me with a blunt object. I knew these men would hurt me. However I still though mommas and daddy’s made babies loving each other. When the abuse started, I was oblivious to Lust. This innocence remained. He will let mankind make our own choices, but he will shield the children.

He taught me how to call on the name of the Lord. Jesus physically came to my rescue. As he entered, there was this sound. It was like thunder times a thousand, but inside a building. I had been encircled, trapped by a group of adults. As they heard me call, they scattered like roaches fleeing when a light is turned on. He has more power than any human can comprehend.

In all my experiences, practitioners of magic are only seeking safety. They seek power in order to protect, defend and provide for themselves. The fact that the training they experience kills the softness of their human hearts, well that  weakens them. They go to all extremes to overtake others, who might harm them.

The power differential between that of the ALL Mighty God and those offered by creatures that he created is massive.  One of the biggest struggles for those of us who have stood against the occult is not to find safety but to accept that we have access to all the power in all of creation. Scripture talks about faith and how faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. I have seen that having the faith to simply call on the name of Jesus can Rock the environment and dismantle all threats against me.

Structure of Healing

I was drowning, In the beginning of my healing process. Sure, I was praying about it but until I gave this process over to God, I was losing my mind.

Remembering things like memorizing the Lords Prayer without having read it kept my head spinning. With God, I learned that when things do not make sense (add up) there was missing information. I learned that nothing is hidden from him and that with him I could have access to all the information I needed.

It was more than that. He fed me information in increments that he knew were right for me. It was a lot to handle but never more than I could handle. This is how I have managed not to form other personalities. During this I was able to keep a job and raise a child.

My process:

  •  I allotted two hours a day to focus on the memories.

I only let myself think about ritual abuse for two hours a day. I had been having church at home in the morning for quite some time. I just extended the time period to two hours. Then I changed this to happen during the evening so that I could sleep afterwards.  

I thought of this as, “Going In”. This helped me feel safe. Thinking of my daily life as separate from these events allowed me to continue to work, laugh and pay bills.

During this I would lay in bed. I began with a prayer that not only asked God to be with me but that He and all of heaven “Go in” with me. He never fails. I adjusted to this well enough that I could feel a build up of negativity release after I began to pray. At that point, I would “Go In” and allow myself to focus on what I was beginning to remember.

Sometimes during the day, thoughts would rush in, but I was easily able to put them aside because I knew that I would be able to address them in a safe way. That worked well for a while. There were times toward the end, that I failed at this, but I always got back on track.

  •  I Kept this to myself until I found some understanding.

I did not tell anyone about what was happening to me. This kept me from having to talk about it and bring it into my thoughts. This was between me and heaven until I found some understanding and was able to compartmentalize the abuse. It prevented me from being judged or mis guided by people. At a point in which I felt safe to do so I told select loved ones that I had been raped in a ritual.

  •  I started taking better care of myself.

I would take daily walks, get a proper amount of sleep, eat well and take vitamins.  I knew that I needed all the strength that I could get. So, I made sure that not only did I limit the time that I focused on memories of evil, but I also spent more time and focus on simple good health.

I know that my process was custom fit for me. However, I did not come up with this on my own. God customized it. He knew what I could do, how fast I could go and where each step lead to.  Its handy to serve a God who knows everything.

Truth is Always Believable

One of the main things that survivors fear is not being believed. This fear can seem hard to overcome. Historically those who talk about being ritually abused were deemed lunatics, dismissed.

This is a trap. I was not created to be trapped. So, with prayer I became calm and began to see this traps structure and I broke free.

These are the steps I took:

Commit a period every day to pray. I start with gratitude. Often, I thank him for each part of my body. Focus on blessings and facts become clearer.

Some of what I experienced was demonic and beyond the normal range of knowledge. However, those events are real and can be proven true. They did leave evidence.

Yet, some of the most bizarre elements of my experiences were often experienced under hypnotic delusions that were created by the abusers. These parts of my experiences could not be proven, because they did not happen.

When I let God control my healing, he showed me the difference between the things I experienced under delusion and what really took place. If I had spoken out before I learned which was real and which was delusion I could have been easily disproven.

This was way more profound than that. I discovered that, not only was God guiding my healing he was preparing me for healing during the abuse.

Past attempts to expose ritual abuse were hushed. Even today, most people don’t know that during the satanic panic more than three hundred thousand police reports were filed. All those people were not lying.

Currently many reports of ritual abuse are being dismissed as simply sexual abuse stories. Some of them are used as scape goats and the media distorts the truth.

Those of us who have experienced ritual abuse easily gain the discernment that is needed to see that ritual abuse is being uncovered.

Do not be fooled, all pedophilia has satanic origins.

I read the stories of other victims and find many similarities. No one should ever be abused however it is hopeful to know that I am not alone.

Within my abuse hypnotic delusions were used to convince me that I was being dominated. When I tried to run home, they feed me a delusion that I had made it home. Only to slowly reveal to me that I was chained to the ritual table. On this same night I was also kicked in the ribs only to have my ribs numbed with a spell the next morning.

They work to seem all powerful. However, if they were as powerful as they seem they would not need to use delusions to dominate.

The truth is that they are not powerful at all. I have seen the name of the Lord, scatter them like roaches when the light is turned on.

On my own, I am easily defeated however with God I have use of all the power. I just must let it be perfect.

I had to let go of the fact that some people will not believe me. Even if some of those are my loved ones. I came to the realization that those like me, those who need healing will believe me. With so much about pedophile rings in the news I know that more of the truth about ritual abuse will come in due time. Until then, I can enjoy that some people can remain ignorant of these facts. It can be comforting to know that some are still that innocent.

  • Be still
  • Ask God what really happened.
  • We have found strength in numbers.
  • Understand Power
  • Those who matter most will believe.